Exponents - Mathematics Essay Example

Published: 2019-11-11 08:57:16
Exponents - Mathematics Essay Example
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Exponents in Mathematics entail the number of times a number is multiplied by itself. This in other words is written as follow:

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2 to the 3rd Also; 23 and this typically means 2x2x2=8

They tell us the number of times we can use a number in a multiplication problem. Exponents can also be described to be powers or indices. Exponents are a crucial mathematical concept to know as it helps in knowing certain aspects in daily lives. Take, for instance, they do connect with everyday life through knowing what is square feet, square inches, square miles, cubic centimeters, we use exponents to identify with such. In doing some calculations, they would save us the time of writing out lots of multiples. In other areas that exponents apply in modern technological domain are inclusive of but not limited to:

Computer games, economics, finance, Richter measuring scale as well as pH engineering.

Exponential growth for example, is connected with finance, resources, demographics and many others.

I would like to work in the Technological World where I would delve in Computer Programming. I would apply exponents in understanding the binary. I would also apply exponents in the calculations and formulation of formula to multiply power terms to derive the algorithms.

Application of Mathematics in Everyday Life

Proper comprehension of Mathematics in everyday life is fundamental in making various decision in life and solving problems. We use logic in many situations to solve problems. Maths is applied in various places in daily activities, when one goes out for a dinner or lunch date, he or she would look at the prices on the Menu and try making a rough estimate or making an exact calculation of how much it would cost and how much he or she has at the moment. The owner of this restaurant or eatery has made calculations how and why he or she should also charge the clients in order to make profits.

When it comes to planning everyday activities, doing optimization is all about mathematics. Answering some of the questions involved in planning entails mathematics. Even in games, football commentators apply a lot of analysis to come up with the first half stats.

Scientific Notation

Scientific notation is the manner in which scientist handle large and small figures with ease. It is sometimes referred to as standard form and it entails writing such numbers in a special manner making them easy to use.

For example, a number like 700000000000000 can be written as 7 x 1014.

It means both 700000000000000 and 7 x 1014 have same value but are written in different ways.

The practical usage of scientific notation is in measuring very large quantities or in the estimation and measuring of small aspects. Very large quantities include speed of light, and for small ones include the diameter of an atom. It serves its practicality in the calculations as it saves time consumed in writing succession of the zeros. Additionally, it helps in accuracy as their may rise in miscounting if scientific notation is not used. The Astronomers use it in the event of calculating the distances between starts. The Geologist can also apply it in ascertaining the age of a particular rock material or Stone Age periods. Scientific is thus very crucial in modern day society as it facilitate the work for engineers, scientists, teachers in using small and very large numbers and quantities.

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