Exploring the Positive Effects of Boredom: Essay Sample

Published: 2023-03-14
Exploring the Positive Effects of Boredom: Essay Sample
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Boredom would be considered an emotional and psychological state where an individual is disengaged. Boredom is believed to cause apathy or depression, considering that it lacks stimulation, often leading to behavioural, social, and medical consequences. Boredom leads to a disruptive state, leading to philosophical and sociological texts while leading to the objectives, subjective, intellectualization, and emotion. Although boredom has always been considered adverse, it draws several positive effects.

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Boredom Always Negative and Destructive

Arguments surrounding boredom always place the vice as negative and destructive; however, in some different instances, boredom would be considered positive and constructive. Boredom is not exclusive negative and destructive since the mind is ever at work. Todd's observation that boredom is regarded as shameful in society would be verified by Reinking (503), who notes that boredom encourages creative thinking where an individual can use the opportunity to rethink their future. Boredom would also be used to contemplate, be creative enough as well learn how to respect issues. Besides, boredom encourages one to reflect on personal life, especially the failures, while rethinking why it is necessary to recollect these failures. Boredom also urges individuals to handle different circumstances, especially encouraging the individual to rethink personal and private life.

Ways How Boredom Leads to Positive Results

Boredom can lead to positive results at different events. During the state of being bored, an individual might choose to pursue the things he or she desired to do in most cases. Boredom motivates positive mental health encouraging individuals to rethink something nourishing to do. While individuals might choose social media to struggle with boredom, overusing the device might lead to the opportunity to recharge. Besides, encouraging contemplation and day-dreaming an individual would enhance problem-solving skills, focusing entirely on the creative challenge while enhancing productive ways of handling different problems that an individual might be undergoing. Evidence from Reinking (510) also illustrates that boredom would help avoid tech addiction, where an individual might experience imaginary phone vibrations that end up distracting personal self. Spending too much time using technology has been believed to accelerate depression, poor sleep, and could lead to poor academic performance. As such, boredom enriches one personal thought, even motivating the growth of consciousness.

Todd Presentation and my Personal Opinions

Todd presentation of boredom as generally sinful and shameful events, often grounding the growth of different negative traits. However, I use the event of boredom to further my understanding of consciousness learning to grow my spirituality. Although Todd boredom does not seem parallel and similar to mine considering the experiences of consciousness I have undergone with time, I believe the author remains positive and growing consciousness. Todd believes boredom does provide sufficient resources that could be useful towards enriching oneself. As such, boredom is as destructive and primitive as well. I equally believe boredom encourages the growth of personal thoughts growing around my spirituality and attitudes. Todd


Todd interests in furthering the understanding of boredom present alternatives approach that would be useful towards understanding the personal self. However, the author approach of boredom is not lucratively sufficient as it does provide room for personal revalidation. Todd's approach remains primitive since according to the study observation, Boredom would be a useful venture towards generating creativity and conscious development.


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