Exploring HR Policies at Gateway Health System: An In-Depth Analysis

Published: 2024-01-20
Exploring HR Policies at Gateway Health System: An In-Depth Analysis
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Human resource procedures and policies remain the guidelines on the strategy that a company aims to implement in managing its employees. They refer to particular procedures to HR supervisors on different issues regarding employment and define the resolution of the company on various components of human resource management like compensation, promotion, recruitment, selections, training, and other aspects (Markoulli et al., 2017). HR procedures and policies function as a reference point during the development of human resources management policies or during the formulation of decisions concerning a firm’s workforce. An effective HR policy and procedures offer common guidelines on the method adopted by the company, and consequently its personnel, regarding varied elements of employment. A procedure defines specifically the procedures the company will take concerning the policies (Markoulli et al., 2017).

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Each firm has a diverse category of situations and therefore develops a unique classification of human resource policies. The environment a company works in will also influence the subject of its policies. The enactment of policies can assist a firm indicates, both externally and internally, that it satisfies its needs for diversity, training, and ethics (Markoulli et al., 2017). Furthermore, it shows an organization’s commitment to corporate governance and the regulation of its workers. The purpose of this paper involves an examination of Gateway Health System Company’s HR policies and procedures by interviewing one of its HR professionals.

Company Background

Gateway Health System Limited functions as a severe healthcare facility in Clarksville TN, USA. It provides bone osteoporosis/densitometry screening, maternal-child health services, breast care services, nursing, occupational healthcare services, and diagnostic imaging (Mitchell & Wallace, 2000). Besides, the facility offers pastoral care, cancer services, respiratory care, sleep disorder care, vascular surgery, a health science library, laboratory services, women’s services, and weight loss operation health services. The company offers services in the fields of cardiology, emergency, surgery, cancer care, neonatal intensive healthcare, rehabilitation, and pediatrics. The firm covers south-central Kentucky and upper-middle Tennessee. Gateway Health System Co. was founded in 1994 as Clarksville Regional Health System Limited with its headquarters in Clarksville, Tennessee (Mitchell & Wallace, 2000). The company has a diverse workforce of about 1,100 and earns around $63,788 annually (Mitchell & Wallace, 2000).

Purposes of Policies and Procedures

The implementation of an HR policy that spells out the code of conduct and records disciplinary processes, and obligations remains the approved strategy for realizing the company’s goals. HR policies offer outlines within which appropriate decisions get formulated and support equity in the manner in which workers are managed (Michael, 2019). HR policies help ensure effective support and the creation of the desired company culture. For example, retention and enlistment policies might provide frameworks for valuing flexible working conditions, compensation policies can enable this by providing a 48/52 remuneration alternative where workers get an additional four weeks’ vacation annually and get reduced salary throughout the year (Michael, 2019). Policies and procedures aid in several ways as highlighted in this paper.

Policies and procedures offer a clear structure of communication between staff and the company concerning employment conditions. Besides, policies form a foundation for handling all workers equally and fairly. They involve aspects of frameworks for managers and supervisors, develop an outline for creating the workers' handbook, and establish a background for consistently reviewing prospective trends impacting personnel (Michael, 2019). Moreover, policies form a context for management learning schemes and staff orientation programs.

The Interview with the Gateway Health System Company’s HR Manager

One of the issues that define a good HR policy involves its capacity to remain clear and consistent regarding the entire components of employment conditions and processes for equality and fairness in their utilization. The first question to the HR manager involved how Gateway Health System Inc. has accomplished its objective of creating a working condition that ensures equality and fairness through its policies and procedures. The manager responded by stating that the organization has designed its policies and procedures that remain clear and specific but offer adequate flexibility to address emerging conditions (Michael, 2019). Besides, the company’s policies and procedures comply with all suitable labor laws and rules. The manager also asserted that their policies and procedures remain consistent with each other and indicate an overall fair and true version strategy to the entire workforce.

HR policies are generated through decision-making processes and implementation in the daily problem-solving of the organization. The HR professional said that the process of developing HR procedures and policies entailed the assessment of several factors (Michael, 2019). The HR professional from Gateway Health System Co. argued that the factors included pinpointing the objectives and purposes that the firm desires to attain concerning its HR unit. The professional also mentioned that developing HR policies required an examination of all the aspects under which the firm’s HR policy will function (Michael, 2019). Reviewing the possible options in each area in which the HR procedure and policy statement operate remains essential according to the company HR professional.

Besides, the HR professional asserted that execution of the policy through the establishment of a procedure to sustain the policy, communication of the procedures and policies adopted to the whole company, and auditing the policy to expose the crucial areas needing change remains vital in having an effective organization policy (Michael, 2019). Lastly, the HR professional from Gateway Health System Inc. claimed that persistent review and re-evaluation of the policy to accomplish the present requirements of the organization remain one of the fundamental elements of a successful policy.

Another area that the HR professional from the organization addressed concerning policy formulation. The expert claimed that human resource management entailed careful company activities developed to enhance workers' productivity and supervision through compensation, evaluation, hiring, performance, record keeping, training, and compliance (Michael, 2019). The HR expert said that HR policies need to support vital HR management functions addressing generally accepted responsibilities. The HR professional listed labor-management relationships, employment placement and practices, and workplace diversity (Michael, 2019). Besides, HR policies must address safety, health, and security. Furthermore, HR policies must cover training and development, human resource research, and human resources information systems.

Steps Taken when Revising or Formulating Policies

To understand the steps HR managers and policymakers take to formulate or revise company policies, the HR professional said that one must comprehend corporate shared values and culture, evaluate prevailing policies (both unwritten and written), examine external impacts (HR policies get affected by several regulations, legislations, and administrations), and analyze any areas that require the implementation of emerging policies or reviewing of the current policies (Markoulli et al., 2017). The HR professional also advised that to revise or design a company policy, policymakers must check with supervisors, especially beginning with the company’s management team, regarding their opinions about HR policies and where they feel require improvement.

Also, during the revision and formulation of the organization’s policies, the HR professional advised that seeking the views of workers concerning the organization’s HR policies, particularly regarding their level of fairness and equitability and whether their execution remains fair and consistent can enable an establishment of an effective company HR policy (Markoulli et al., 2017). Besides, before reviewing and enacting a policy, the policymakers must seek the views of workers’ union representatives and re-evaluate the data stored in the previous stages before beginning to draft new policies. The Gateway Health System Company’s HR manager said that launching a new policy requires wider consultation, discussion, and consensus on policies with the company’s leadership and labor union representatives.

The company HR professional asserted that in drafting the first policy, the policymakers must include the name of the policy, effective policy date, revision dates, approval status (the status at this phase should indicate the policy as a draft), references (documents related to the policy and other policies), and the purpose of the policy (what it aims to achieve or promote) (Markoulli et al., 2017). Besides, the HR professional advised that the draft must contain the chief policy statement, explanation of major terms or concepts contained in the draft policy, scope or eligibility, and how to handle potential omissions (Markoulli et al., 2017). Moreover, the draft document must include positions in the company charged with monitoring and executing the policy and processes for implementing the policy (mainly drafted in numbered stages).

Types of HR Policies

The Gateway Health System Inc. HR professional said that the policies can be categorized depending on the description or sources. The HR expert argued that the policies could get ordered depending on the source, such as originated policies that stipulate how subordinates relate to their supervisors (Michael, 2019). Also, the policies under the foundation of the source get categorized as implicit policies which are inferred from the conduct of supervisors. Imposed policies, according to the HR manager refer to policies that get forced on the organization by external factors like trade unions, trade associations, or government (Michael, 2019). Finally, policies can fall under the category of appealed policies when their case does not get included in the previous policies.

Furthermore, the HR expert at Gateway Health System Company asserted that policies that can be classified depending on their description entailed general and specific policies. The general policies include those that do not relate to a particular issue (Michael, 2019). These policies get drafted by the organization’s leadership. Specific policies cover specific matters, such as compensation, recruitment, and collective bargaining.

Influential Factors

The Gateway Health System Company’s HR manager highlighted the factors that influence an organization’s HR policies. These included the host country’s laws, such as those relating to labor must be considered when enacting HR policies to avoid issues that might affect the operations of the company (Michael, 2019). According to the HR expert of the company, to maintain consistency of conduct in the entire organization, the policy must respect customs and social values. Another factor involves management values and philosophies that affect matters concerning workers. It, therefore, remains essential to set clear, comprehensive philosophy, and values to ensure that workers understand management (Michael, 2019). HR policies may influence performance and a whole company’s financial status if they build unnecessary hurdles for the firm’s workforce.

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