Explication Essay Example on the Poem Naming of Parts

Published: 2019-10-15
Explication Essay Example on the Poem Naming of Parts
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The poem Naming of Parts was written during the onset of the Second World War and forms first part of the collection of lessons of war poems. In the poem, Henry Reed used the existing scenarios to write his work while relating to the principal historical activities. Most of the states were preparing their armies for war since victory in this period was essential for regional security and stability as compared to the first war. This excerpt briefly outlines the meaning of Reeds poem.

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The surface meaning of the poem regards the circumstances surrounding an instructor during training. Reed highlights how the instructor is giving guidelines concerning the device that the learners will use. The persona in the poem describes each part and components parts including those that were missing during the session. The learning process continues where the function of the bolt, as well as the use of the finger, is stressed. The section comes out clearly as the first part of the stanzas. Reed outlines how missing resources could hinder the learning process. The learners are ushered into imagination because they are learning about parts that they cannot see, but this does not affect the determination of the personal in achieving the intended purpose of training the subjects. Nevertheless, the second part of the stanza is a repetition, which seems to be the reflection of learners concerning the new knowledge. The fantasies usher them to gardens with branches and blossoms never letting anyone see any of them using their finger (Kirszner and Mandell 1129). However, their excitement is premature since they have not seen the other parts that are missing, and they have not been trained how to use the missing components.

Furthermore, the poem was written to convey a meaning beyond a real learning process. The persona is explaining the handling of the rifle to new recruits by highlighting the functions of parts such as sling swivel, safety-catch, the bolt, and the spring. The previous day the recruits cleaned the parts, and the trainer had scheduled the next day for activities associated with the aftermath of firing. The poem was written in 1942, which was related to the preparation of the armies to defend and secure territories. The period was associated with young people being recruited into military positions to fight on behalf of women, the old, and the children in the society. However, Reed highlights the expectations of such young people while in the field and their dreams about the future. The recruits expected the war to be a comfortable experience; however, they are faced with challenges such as lack of enough supply of weapons and adequate training, which makes them wander in the battlefield. The persona stresses the missing parts a sign of refusing the responsibility of the associated failures.

In conclusion, the poem outlines the situation that surrounded the preparation of troops towards the political and economic radicalization that characterized the Second World War. The writer articulated the concept of an instructor teaching the learners about an essential device that they will use. However, it is incomplete because the authority has not delivered all the required components. Nevertheless, the symbolism possibly depicted the challenges that the young troops faced during the war based on their future anticipation and the current obligations before them.

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