Free Essay Explaining Where Fluid Can Be Acidic Inside the Body

Published: 2022-03-09
Free Essay Explaining Where Fluid Can Be Acidic Inside the Body
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Some systems of the body perform optimally when they are acidic, basic, or neutral. A situation when the body contains too much acid is called acidosis and often occurs when the lungs and kidney are unable to balance the body's PH (Edriss, 2014). Some parts that where fluid can be acidic include the lungs and kidneys.

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Resulting from the acid in the two body parts, there are two types of acidosis namely respiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis. The type is identified following the primary cause.

Respiratory acidosis may occur when excessive CO2 builds up in the body. In a normal situation, the lungs can excrete CO2 through breathing. However, there is situation when the breathing system is unable to get rid of enough CO2. In cases of chronic airway conditions for instance asthma and injury chest, the respiratory system may end up having too much acid. When a person is obese, the body goes through a difficult process when breathing. Also, for people who use sedative drugs, overuse alcohol or deformed chest structure, an excess acid may result. People who have weak muscles in the chest or problems in the nervous system may also are at risk of having excess acid in the breathing system.

The other system where the body can have excessive acid is the metabolic system, and the condition is known as metabolic acidosis. In metabolic acidosis, acid accumulation starts from the kidneys. The built occurs when the kidneys cannot eliminate enough acid or when they excrete too much base. According to (Agro & Vennari, 2013) acid accumulation in the metabolic system might be a result of various conditions. People who live with diabetes can develop the condition if the disease is poorly managed. When the body is suffering from insufficient insulin, ketones will build up and eventually acidify the blood. Also, when a person loses too much sodium carbonate, the body loses an important element that keeps the system neutral. Therefore, excessive diarrhea or vomiting can cause metabolic acidosis. Further, when the body has too much lactic acid, it may develop lactic acidosis a condition caused by chronic alcoholism, various types of cancer, seizures, liver failure, low blood sugars, heart failure, and hypoxia. Studies indicate that exercise cause acid build-up. Finally, when kidneys fail to excrete acids into the urine, the levels of acid buildup in the blood increases and eventually raises the acidity of the blood. The kidney might fail to excrete enough acid when there is too much acid ingestion; the person is poorly hydrated.


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