Free Essay Example on Expert Facilitator in an Organization

Published: 2019-07-18 08:41:15
Free Essay Example on Expert Facilitator in an Organization
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The achievement of the goals and objectives of an organization is a complex condition since it has to involve all the employees interested in the operations of the organization. The employees have the responsibility of ensuring they function effectively to provide the relevant output. Every organization needs to develop a strategic plan that will determine the process it needs to be successful within the market. The move will ensure there is continuity in the operations of the organization and a further target to be achieved. All the stakeholders should be involved in the developing of the strategic plan to ensure they feel part of the organization. The organization has developed various strategic plans and needs the management to discuss the various aspects with the employees. Various mistakes that have risen from the session that have ensured the process is not a success. This paper seeks to analyze the situation that may have led to the collapse of the session and the recommendations that Mitch could make top ensure the session is a success.

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The facilitator of the session has failed to put into consideration the relevant concerns by the various members of the public. The members of the organization have raised various concerns regarding the operations of the organization. The strategic plan is deemed too complex to all the members. Ralph is feeling confused and thus needs more clarifications regarding the operations of the organization. It is the duty of the facilitator to ensure the employees concerns are handled before they are allowed to endorse the plans of the organization. On several occasions, Ralph raises concerns over the process that is being used. He has failed to understand the mission statement and thus needs a clear explanation before he can vote concerning the same. He is, however, ignored more than twice and thus he feels humiliated. The facilitator does not give him the opportunity to express himself and thus ensuring he feels oppressed by the operations of the organization. He walks away with other two people who feel the facilitator is not fair in his operations. The session is encompassed by allegations of biasness since not the views of all the members of the organization are put into consideration. The organization's development depends on the efforts put in place by the various employees, and thus, the organization needs to ensure nobody feels oppressed with the operation. The facilitator needs to be more open-minded and thus put into consideration the requirement of Ralph and the other members of the organization. The move will ensure the session can proceed as required and thus ensuring the organization can perform according to the expected market standards. The facilitator should seek the council of the management and develop the best strategy that will attract Ralph and the dissatisfied employee back into the session. He should ensure all the recommendations made regarding the process are implemented accordingly.

The process that is being used seems to be strictly planned, and thus, the facilitator is not willing to deviate from the then original plan to suit the needs of the employees. The process has been discussed with the management and thus the facilitator believes he has to follow the process strictly. The facilitator believes his role is to take a vote on the proposed strategic plan then discuss the finding and conduct a final vote on the same. The mechanization of the process is proven when he asks Mitch to deal with the employees who are dissatisfied with the activity that is going on. The employees thus feel the process is too strict and thus not benefiting them in any way. The various people feel the management is using the process in achieving their intentions. The incorporation of the employees in the running of the organization is a good style of management since it ensures they are aware of the intentions of the organization. Failure to fully involve them ensures they are not satisfied with the operations of the organization, and thus they tend to rebel. The facilitator should be lenient in the process and consider the opinions of the employees. He should be flexible enough and not follow a strict procedure that is not preferred by the employees. All the employees are important, and their opinions need to be effectively handled. The facilitator should not ignore the concerns of some of the employees since he feels they are not following the procedure that has been set by the organization. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure the team building activity does not lead to divisions within the members of the organization. They should determine the various ways to solve the conflicts that arise within the organization before they affect the operations of the enterprise.

The employees feel the outcome of the process is pre-determined by the management, and thus, the process is just to convince them regarding the same. There are rumors of a merger with a more established company within the market. The employees are not for the idea since they believe most people will lose their jobs. The process has ensured the employees have a negative attitude towards the whole process that is taking place. They have to ensure they determine the relevant conditions that will ensure they retain their jobs within the organization. The management has not given any clarifications concerning the concerns that have been raised. The rumors indicate that the members of the finance will team will lose their jobs since the new organization will not be willing to modify its finance section. The rumors have ensured the whole organization has a negative attitude towards the process that has been put in place. It has ensured the organization is not capable of achieving its goals effectively due to the misconceptions by the employees. The facilitator should understand the concerns of the employees before enforcing the process on them. He should ensure he explains the position of the organization to the employees to ensure they feel safe. The employees will feel secure if they know there is no threat to their job and thus the organization needs to ensure there is clear information regarding the position of the organization. The employees should not feel they might lose their jobs in the recent future. The worry may ensure the employees rebel against the operations of the organization and thus fail to perform according to the expected standards. The members of the finance team are not able to perform as expected since the management of the organization has not effectively handled their concerns.

The organization needs to convene the session and continue making the necessary conditions that will ensure the organization can succeed. The relevant recommendations need to be made to ensure the session is a success. The initial steps in the process should involve the organization involving the employees in developing the strategic goals. The goals should not be abstract ideas of the management. The move will ensure the employees are aware of the goals and objectives that will be presented before them in the session. The organization can also ensure the process is not highly rigid in the process used by the facilitator. The facilitator should be allowed to engage with the members to get the best outcome of the process. The employees should be treated effectively within the organization, and thus, nobody deserves to be undermined in the process. Failure to put into consideration the necessary measures will ensure the organization is not able to perform according to the required standard. The organization should not operate on the ideas of the management team only but should also incorporate the ideas of the employees and the recommendations of the facilitator. The strategic goals should enable the organization to achieve its long-term goals and objectives as required by the organization.

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