Essay on Experiencing Organizational Behavior: Challenges and Solutions

Published: 2023-10-13
Essay on Experiencing Organizational Behavior: Challenges and Solutions
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Every individual can attest to different experiences in organizational behavior. We all have had our share of experiences as owners of businesses or as employees in business companies. In my experience, I have found challenges that have motivated me to look for solutions for every rising challenge. I have loved my experience in teams and groups, communication, organizational culture, organizational power, politics, conflict, motivation, ethics, and organizational change. An organization’s success is built by how well its leaders manage the mentioned aspects. Teamwork ensures that employees work unitedly to achieve company goals. Change is inevitable in any industry, and organizations have to be flexible to embrace new trends. Power, politics, and conflict and politics have to be well-managed to ensure that the reputation of an organization stays clean and an organization moves forward. I have worked as an It and innovation personnel in various companies for the past ten years. In this paper, I share my experiences as an employee I various companies using relevant theories.

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Experience on Teams

Teamwork entails having a critical, clear, and logical view of company objectives. As you gather employees together or as you team up., you have to explain basic information on the heed to collaborate. Every individual o the team has to understand their responsibilities in the team. Thus, as a team, you should have a team leader who guides on the needs of the company and the upcoming project. For instance, in my experience at Company DYL (pseudo name), the main aim of the project was to bring innovation to the company. DYL was succeeding by buying franchises that were doing better. However, the company did not quite understand how small companies were rapidly gaining influence in the food industry. When I saw a post seeking Innovations and IT personal on their website, I tried my lack. Several days after, I was called to apply for the job. I believed in my experience and attended the interview, which I passed and was asked to report to duty the following Monday. Back then, I had only a year in the job field yet so ambitious.

The innovation project was my fast as I had been allocated head of IT post. Thus, I formed a team of members in my project and came up with three ideas. First, we agreed that we needed to tap into the under thirty clients for the company project. In my previous company, the idea had worked, and I was glad to practice it at DYL. The company was currently succeeding in young children and mothers as the target market. Therefore, we proposed creating ads that would easily attract under thirty youths who are the highest internet consumers. Our second initiative was to include a comments section on the website so that we would receive reviews from existing clients and better our products and services. Even though commenting already existed in the company, there were no immediate responses from the company.

Achieving the team spirit and influencing the team to share ideas was quite easy since the company was slowly adopting teamwork. One way of creating the team spirit was through the creation of initiatives and the enthusiasm to act upon our ideas. I had a very supportive team, and the environment was friendly. Allocation of resources was willful, ensuring that our ideas received the required funding. I also created avenues for second opinions and allowed disagreements from my team members. It is through such disagreements that I learned the problems we were experiences. One challenging factor was communication, which I had to address accordingly. I learned to delegate tasks to my team, such that they felt included in the task force.

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