Free Essay: Exercising Is Essential

Published: 2023-08-30
Free Essay: Exercising Is Essential
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Many older people do not exercise regularly, even though it is beneficial to their health. There are valid reasons why some older people do not exercise, such as discomfort and pain, isolation, fear of injury, and lowered cognitive ability. These reasons, in addition to terminal illnesses, make life difficult for older individuals. They lose their self-esteem as they get older due to fragility and general body weakness. Exercising can indeed help increase mobility and cognitive abilities enabling older individuals to have sufficient self-efficacy. Through exercising, an older individual can minimize or cope better with some of the terminal illnesses. Even though exercising is essential, it is hard to find the right exercise suitable with a reduced risk of injury.

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Finding the right Elderly-friendly exercises is imperative to help the client achieve the recommended 150 minutes per week of activity. Initializing a program for generalized fitness or rehab can be beneficial in cultivating the well-being of clients. Exercise not only improves physical function; it also improves psychological function. Falls are the number one concern with the aging population; even simple exercise movements can lead to developing strength and balance to help prevent falls. Another problem associated with aging is dementia; a daily exercise routine can ward off dementia and loss of cognitive function. After assessing the needs of a particular population, I would organize and implement an achievable exercise program. This program’s design would help regain balance, strengthen the heart and lungs, increase self-esteem and mood, as well as improve cognition. Some of the interventions and rationale include Plan activities for older clients. EB: physical activity may enhance the quality of life, physical function, and self-worth (Walter et al., 2015).The client verbalizes the need for behavioral change for improved physical activity. EB: this study reflects how combining planning and coping of a client’s self-worth can be beneficial in promoting an exercise program for those individuals who lack self- esteem (Kroon et al., 2014).Provide the client with resources such as senior centers, exercise classes, and educational and recreational programs that can aid in promoting socialization and appropriate activity. Social isolation can be an outcome of depression and contribute to activity intolerance. EB: Community-based resistance training and dietary modifications can improve body composition, muscle strength, and physical function in overweight and obese older adults (Straight et al., 2011).


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