Free Essay Example - Execution Process

Published: 2023-02-12
Free Essay Example - Execution Process
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Criminal's execution is one of the common practices in the American justice system. The criminals have different execution methods which they have to choose the best option. While some people argue that there Aare some execution process which are humane, others maintain that all of them lack compassion. Therefore, the paper reacts to the provided video that has details regarding the execution process applied in American prisons. The article will feature an analysis of the most humane process, the recommended change, and why none of the methods show compassion.

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The Most Humane Method

The video reveals that there are five different execution methods that are applied across the United States. The five execution methods include hanging, lethal injection, fire squad, electrocution, and lethal gas. Whereas all these processes will eventually result in death, the reality is that the application of shooting is most humane. The use of shooting means that the executors only have to end the criminal's life through a single or two gunshots (Garrett, 2017). Therefore, the first reason why shooting is the most compassionate process amongst the three is that the criminal does not have to feel pain for long. One of the primary means that a person can prove their humanity is by ensuring that others do not have to go through extreme suffering. Shooting is the least painful process since the victim will only feel the pain for a few seconds before they become unconscious and lose breath. Although these criminals stay guilty for going against the law, it is crucial to show them compassion. Therefore, that indicates that the use of a firing squad is the most appropriate because of the limited time for experiencing pain. Whereas the video shows that the criminals are allowed to choose their execution method, it is also better to apply a firing squad in an event where the executors have to make the decision.

Change in the Execution Process

The first change in the execution process is providing the criminal with a chance to choose their execution process. The previous section argues that it is essential to consider humanity despite these people's crimes. The initiation of a system where the criminals are allowed to choose the execution process creates a situation where one stays depressed during the last twenty-four hours before execution. It is better to let the criminals experience the process without knowing the way that they are going to die. The second change towards the execution process is limiting the number of persons entering into the gas chamber to one. The video indicates that they allow even two people to enter the gas chambers (Sin, 2013). There are chances that these criminals also feel sad for each other when they let two people enter the gas chambers. Therefore, it is better to practice humane by limiting the number of people who enter the gas chamber. The other thing that I would change is the idea that people are allowed to witness the execution process. Notably, the main reason for barring people from witnessing the execution process is that they are mentally affected. Moreover, friends and relatives might also note the executors and seek revenge.

Lack of Humane in all Execution Methods

First, none of these methods is humane since they do not value human life. The report indicates that many execution methods are applied in achieving the process. However, the reality is that all these methods result in death, thus suggesting that they have similar results (Garrett, 2017). Therefore, the truth regarding the death result, which is influenced by all these methods prove that they lack humane. Any of the methods would prove that it possess humane if it did not cause the offender's death, but only a little harm.

Second, all the methods lack humane since they result in pain. It is unrealistic for someone to claim that they are humane if they are causing pain on someone. For instance, the use of a firing squad means that the criminals will die through shooting, and it is painful. Similarly, the application of an electric chair execution will also put the victim through pain, and the case is similar to all the other processes (Garrett, 2017). Therefore, that proves that they all lack compassion since they will eventually cause pain. Third, the process is also inhumane since they do not advocate for forgiveness. It is correct to claim that a person will only show compassion to others if they practice forgiveness no matter the situation. For instance, it is better to forgive the criminals instead of taking them through that pain. Consequently, the lack of care and forgiveness is the reason why none of the methods show compassion.


The response has analyzed the details regarding the execution process applicable in American states. The main conclusion that one can make regarding the methods is that they are inhumane. The first reason why they prove a lack of compassion is that they cause the criminals to experience pain. Moreover, the fact that the processes also cause death demonstrates that they lack empathy. The other conclusion that one can make from the execution process is that it does not care about other people's feelings. It is uncalled for to allow an audience to attend and witness the execution process.


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Sin, I. o. (Director). (2013). Death Row - The Final 24 Hours [Motion Picture].

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