Essay Sample: Food Truck Business Plan

Published: 2022-03-01
Essay Sample: Food Truck Business Plan
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1. Business description

The food truck business will be a combination of some western and indigenous cuisine. The aim of the business is to offer clients with a convenient way of getting food while ensuring they get quality and tasty food. The business will be operating from 11 am to 5 pm.

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2. Owner and Management

The business will be owned by my friend and myself. We intend to contribute equal capital to the business. The management will be under me since my partner has a full-time job and cannot handle two duties at the same time.

3. Products and customers

Our main mane will consist of hot dogs, burgers, and Barbecue. However, we also intend to have a section that offers beverages to our customers such as smoothies and other healthy drinks. Our customers will comprise of office workers and those who operate near the city center.

4. Location

We intend to place the truck in a busy street since we are targeting people who are in these locations. The place should not be far from offices and other business building to make ordering convenient for our customers.

5. Launch date

We intend to launch the truck business on March 1st, 2018. However, if all the documentation will be ready before that date, we will update the launching date and inform the public about the changes and the dates they should expect us to be in business

6. Reason for choosing the business

The business was chosen after a careful examination of what could solve people's problems. I realized having a place where you can have a quick health food would resonate well with many people. I also love cooking and I am confident I will offer the best products.

7. Mission Statement

To provide our customers with a unique experience and offer them a convenient place that they can order their food without compromising on the quality. We intend to have a wide variety of food that will accommodate different tastes and preference.

8. Purpose of existence

We aim at ensuring the customers enjoy our unique cuisine at their convenience. We also intend to make the life of our customers easier by bringing food closer to them.

9. Financial goals

Our financial goal is to ensure we break even within the first month of operation. Additionally, we plan to see profits increase each month as we tailor the business to match the changing dynamics. Finally, we plan to open a new truck business by the end of the financial period

10. Non-financial goal

After every end of the year, the company will be donating five percent of its profit to a cancer charity organization. Additionally, we intend to train for free individuals that may be interested cooking the cuisine that we offer.

11. Competitive advantage

We train our staff not only on how to prepare food but also how to be friendly to employees even when under pressure. Smiling and being friendly is key in our line of work. We also have free ice cream for those that purchase food worth $10 and above

12. Ethical issue that may arise

Some of the ethical issues that may arise could be wages related to employee or food safety. However, the organization intends to follow all the rules regarding labor laws and ensure we adhere to the highest hygienic standards.

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