Essay Sample on Ethics of Social Work

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Sample on Ethics of Social Work
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Social workers are guided by the codes of ethics contained in the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). These ethics consist of principles and values tied to each principle that guide the conduct of each social workers. They are aimed at developing professionalism in the conduct of social workers. Among the principles include the principle that states that social workers respect the inherent dignity and worth of a person, guided by the value of dignity and worth of the person. The second principle is that social workers are trustworthy and is guided by the value of integrity.

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The principle of respect, guided by dignity and worth of a person expects that a social worker shows care and respect to other people (Ethics & English, 2019). This involves appreciating differences in culture and ethnic diversities and therefore, no discrimination. Therefore, they are to be so responsible, especially when dealing with clients, to ensure that they consider their dignities and personalities. How they handle them should be in a way that the client feels that their needs are addressed and are under no undue pressure from anyone.

In some cases, however, some people violate this principle by being arrogant, racists, and contentious towards a particular group of people. In the case that a social worker has been caught in unethical behavior related to the principle of respect; for example, they disrespect the employees and discriminate them, there are various ways to handle it. First of all, it would be prudent to engage both parties in a talk, establish the possible cause. Remind the social worker of the principles. Act on it immediately it is identified and solve it according to what is found out from the engagement of the two. The worker can, for example, apologize and a warning is given for the worker to ensure they stick to the principles of their field of professionalism.

The second principle is on trustworthy, guided by the value of integrity. These bring social workers to the awareness of ethical standards and practice within the field of social work. This principle expects them to be honest, act responsibly, and promote ethical behavior in the organizations where they work. In some occasions, however, people violate this principle through corruption and other ill-mannered ways that do not promote integrity.

The first thing is to be direct to the point without hiding any detail of their dishonesty. When solving it, keep the conversation brief and maintain the truth that has been compromised. This is because giving the person too much information will be like allowing them to twist it and use it for their advantage. The other thing is to stick to the right thing, no matter how much the act the person did seems reasonable because a wrong deed will remain to be wrong. The person can also be confronted with what they have done, and referring to the principles and values of social workers are provided in the NASW.

In conclusion, some of the principles and values that guide social workers include the principle of respect guided by the value of dignity and worth of a person. The second principle is trustworthiness and is guided by the value of integrity. People found violating these principles can be confronted and subjected to strict disciplinary punishments, especially since they are aware of what is expected of them. They are most likely doing it out of ignorance


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