Memorable Event Essay Example

Published: 2018-02-10
Memorable Event Essay Example
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Childhood memory

There are many habits that people adopt in life, which derail individuals from the path of responsibility when it comes to decision-making. An example of such habits is the tendency of people to compete with others instead of complementing them. A person may be in a position to act to make a particular thing go well for him/herself or other people; however, most people will wait for others to take a step. In other words, they do nothing until the situation develops into a perilous state. I must admit that I am one of the many people who have become victims because of over-dependence.

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Sibling rivalry brings about unnecessary competition. While the aspect of competing may not be injurious, some of the actual decisions or actions that people take in the course of rivalry amount to the commission or omission of other dangerous happenings. I am one of the people that came face to face with the issue of kid competition. I hardly knew the value of acting responsibly; the reason being that the thought of always overshadowed me. I could not complete any task given to me whenever I learned that my younger sister was relaxing when I was completing any domestic chore. One day before leaving for work in the morning, my mother asked me to make sure that I collect my little brother from school. She insisted that she could not arrive in time to pick him on her way from school because she had another errand to run after work. I agreed to do so, but as soon as my younger sister came back home in the afternoon, I decided to pass the responsibility of collecting my young brother from school. I did so, not because I was occupied, but because of the feeling that I could not go all the way to school and just allow her to stay inside doing nothing. In other words, my mind was telling me that I needed to relax too, forgetting that I was the one instructed to pick James from school.

Sibling competition

I informed her, but as usual, I knew that she could not go to school. My sister and I never agreed on anything appertaining to domestic duties. To shorten the description, I left for school quite late; only to arrive at the school late and got informed that my brother had been rushed to the hospital. They explained that he decided to accompany his friend home, with the assumption that her parents could collect her from there. Unfortunately, he was hit by a motorbike while crossing the road, sustaining some bruises and a broken leg. I did not have peace with my parents, and totally lost favor and trust from all my family members until recent times when they started treating me as a responsible person.

I realized that responsibility was a common duty as opposed to an individual will. That assumption led me to abandon my tasks with the view that completing tasks alone gave other people more freedom. It took the resentment from all my family members for me to learn that I needed to exercise responsibility and that omitting one’s duty can cause all kinds of harm to myself and other people. Besides, I had a personal reflection on the rivalry with my sister and learned that some of my actions affected my parents, even though they did not express it. I am no longer a person who sees something and ignores. My experience is that it is always good to act where possible, whether it is out of duty or not, so long as I am contributing to a desirable solution.

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