Critical Thinking Research Sample

Published: 2020-02-18
Critical Thinking Research Sample
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The next step in critical thinking is logical reasoning. The decision been made are not to be made without supporting evident and datas. The data should be qualitative and quantities which will make the solution long lasting. In the LiuInc., the organization is to use datas from previous transactions to support their decisions. Any financial project is to be based on previous financial reports. The same should apply for sales plans which should be made based upon previous sale reports and surveys. This is to ensure that the organization always have well-informed decisions which will solve the current problem and prevent its recurrent in future.(Cederblom, 2012).

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The other step in critical thinking is impactful communication which involves effective communication of the decisions and reports of the project effectively. For a smooth flow of activities, there has to be the effective communication of ideas and resolution. The communication should flow from all direction and allow informed decision making.The management should provide the workers with resolution so that they can apply them in the business activities. The workers, on the other hand, should pass out ideas to the management for in-depth consideration. The decision should be made by basing it on communication passed by all the stakeholders in the organization (Moore et al.,2011).

After the process of come up with a solution to a problem through critical thinking, the last step is a reflection on the whole process to check for its success and failures. The personal driving the process should come up with reflective means to evaluate the procedures used and the results achieved at the end of the whole process. The reflective process is a self-evaluation one which is to enable correction of unseen errors or take care of any upcoming mistake in the implementation of the theory (Cederblom, 2012). This process is effective in Liu mostly in the task of end month closing. One have to reflect on the progress of the previous period. If the closing figures were above those of the previous closing period it calls for more improvements. If the case is otherwise, it calls for the Liu organization to come up with ways to improve their systems to ensure they have improved results in the next accounting period.

Organizational theory, on the other hand, help the organizational in roles division. The theory state that there are organizational stages which can be applied in many organizations based on the line of activities an organizational is undertaking. Organizational theory in the Liu Inc. will enable division of labor and teamwork promotion. The aim is to promote the efficiency of the company and improve the reputation of the company.The organizational theory also reduced internal disputes among the workers which work to promote team which and the end results is increased profits.(Moore et al., 2011).


From the paper, it is evident that critical thinking is clear and reasoned thinking which is to be used to solve problems in organization and communities. It is the role of the student to use the skill in his daily operation.

The skill installed in by the theory is a self-empowerment in that it will always ensure that I make the right decision on the progress of projects. As an account one have to consult a lot and the information provider cannot always be correct and thus it is upon me to use the knowledge as a critical thinker to evaluate the best information to include in the reports. Critical thinking also entails critique to ensure the right solution is implemented. Before critical thinking resolution is implemented there have to be a critique to resolve all the upcoming errors. The skills from the theory are to be applied in my internship position p to see that I improve in the decision-making process. This is to ensure my reports are well supported by facts and datas from previous works. The reason for applying the theory is the need for improvement in work performance and productive in the organizational.


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