Essay Sample with the Discussion on Personal, Professional and Cultural Awareness

Published: 2022-04-20
Essay Sample with the Discussion on Personal, Professional and Cultural Awareness
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In the current dynamic working environment, it is essential to have regular communication in order to stay proactive and informed. Communication in its current state holds a critical position as it effectively bridges the different gaps identified and connects the people with different vision, ideas, and expressions. There are different communication styles possessed and different person's confidence level defines the traits of an individual personality hence different communication skills. However, it is critical to understand being an extrovert does not mean an individual has excellent communication style or being an introvert illustrates poor communication styles. The communication style embraced by an individual speaks a lot about the people plus situation with a probability of if being positive, negative or assertive. Appropriate communication styles help in avoiding conflicts at the workstation and solve different issues encounters both in personal and professional life.

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Aggressive communicators recognized to be very loud, individuals who often raise their voice during communication. These individuals notably are not able to contain themselves, often are willing to voice their opinion, and potentially negatively interpreted by people in the same working environment. Individuals with aggressive communication styles need to be incorporated into the practice especially in programs that ensure there are some policies and laws that need to be revisited. These individuals are great in fighting for issues of the oppressed individuals in the society as they make the best activists in the team.

Passive communicators are willing to forego their opinions and their desires to ensure first the opinions of others addressed. These individuals take a long time before they air any views but preferred in the office given they are good listeners who are willing to go an extra mile for the identified person or mission. For a project to be successful there is need to appreciate individuals who are willing to listen and implement the identified objectives and goals of the program without causing much drama in their execution. Incorporating the passive communicators at the workstation ensures people are willing to live in peace and harmony a longer time.

Assertive communicators identified to always voice out their opinion with proper knowledge of their rights and other people's rights. Hence, they are keen not to hurt other people; they often make good team leaders for different programs. The ability of this kind of individuals to listen and consider other people opinion before advocating for their own makes them is effective to mentor different persons at the workstation to ensure execution of certain values. In a project, there will always be criticism and with the assertive communicators as the leaders, they are always able to absorb the critics and ensure the other individual's opinions are considered.

Conclusively, there are three distinct communication styles identified and possessed by different persons in a program. The communication styles connect with the person personality, which eventually becomes part of the working communication style in consideration of their ability to command, respect, advocate for the fulfillment of their rights and ability to withstand what is right or wrong. Therefore, it is essential to know the kind of work setup before adapting to a particular communication style for smoothing working environment with the other people. Positive communication traits help in building long-lasting relationships with co-workers and the identified project undertaken to achieve the desired results.

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