Essay Sample: The Death of the Hired Man and Robert Frost's Biography

Published: 2022-07-29
Essay Sample: The Death of the Hired Man and Robert Frost's Biography
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The Death of the Hired Man

Quote 1: 'When was I ever anything but kind to him? But I'll not have the fellow back,' he said.

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'I told him so last haying, didn't I? If he left then, I said, that ended it.

Response: Here, Warren is mad upon hearing the news from Mary that Silas was back after he had left when he most needed him. It is evident that Warren had sworn never to accept Silas back as he had proved that he was of no help despite his age. I bet that Warren was annoyed with Silas and was not ready to accommodate him any longer as despite him warning Silas not to leave the last haying season, he left Warren's place exposing him to suffering when there was no other help he could depend on. Thus, Warren is determined not to let Silas in as despite his kindness to him he decided to leave and that marked the end of him hosting Silas.

Quote 2: 'I want him to: he'll have to soon or late.'

Response: This is the last line in a stanza full of all prove that Warren has about being mad with Silas. The line happens to be interesting to me as Warren shows that he cares less about whether Silas hears his sentiments regarding him or not as he would let him know about it. This is despite Mary's worry of Silas hearing what Warren was saying about him as she thought Silas would not take the sentiments lightly. However, Warren has proved that he is done with Silas and would not host him any longer.

Question: How much truth is there that Silas only comes during winter and leaves during hay time when there is little help? Having the condition that Silas returned with that led to his death, I don't find it appropriate for Warren to be mad at him as well as become judgmental about his return even before seeing his condition.

Robert Frost's Biography

Quote 1: "Although he identified himself with New England, Robert Frost was born in California and lived there until his father died, when Frost was eleven"

Response: Here, it becomes clear that despite Robert Frost trying to identify himself and live like one from New England, it is well known that he originates and was born in California where he resided till when his father died at the age of eleven. Therefore, the statement makes it clear that were it not for the death of Frost's father then he would still be living in California where he was born. I think that it is because of his activities and the love he had for New Germany that Frost happened to love and associate with the country.

Quote 2: "Because he presented himself as a New Englander reading a New England landscape, Frost is often interpreted as an ideological descendant of the nineteenth century American Transcendentalists"

Response: In this first line of the last paragraph that mainly dwells on depicting the difference between Frost and the original Englanders in terms of ideologies. Frost is seen to have different views regarding various issues in the New England society as seen in his poems and this is the reason why he had to part with most American writers that he thought were not of the same school of thought about the issues affecting the society. Thus, despite him identifying himself as one from England, his behaviors regarding the issues facing the Americans such as the one man revolution brought out his origin.

Question: How true is it that Frost displayed his origin by his behaviors about societal problems facing the Americans despite him living and presenting himself as a person from New England? Being a human being and an elite, I think fighting for the rights of people regardless of their origin does not qualify him to be one of them.

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