Essay Sample on the Transformation of Human Society: Are We Better Off Now Than Before?

Published: 2022-12-26
Essay Sample on the Transformation of Human Society: Are We Better Off Now Than Before?
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Human society has been on a continues transformation over the recent past, and this modernization process affects people's lives. Today, humans live quite differently from how our forefathers lived centuries ago although there are varying opinions on whether we are worse off or better off now than before. Today, irrespective of the inevitable ups and downs that humans experience in their daily lives' they live happier and longer than ever before. Decades ago, we did not have most of the essential components existing as an integral part of human life today, such as computers, improved health care, and education, and technology; hence the human society has changed for the better.

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The idea that the human society is getting worse off is typically influenced by concerns of modern social issues such as social conflicts, political terrorism, ethnic and racial issues, labor disputes, criminal activities, drug use, rising divorce rates, and dysfunctional families. But above all, the notion that life is better today than in the past exceeds the negative views and focuses on various accomplishments of contemporary society. One appealing achievement is that the rates of early mortality are on the decline; today, there are fewer deaths related to epidemics, accidents, and illnesses (Norberg, 2016). The other success in modern humanity is the fact that individuals are living more comfortable lives than the monarchs of the past. That is because, most evils in society are reducing like oppression, ignorance, inequality, and poverty.

Improved Education

Education is undeniably among the main significant parts of every human society. These days, basic knowledge is a must for every girl and boy in the nation and globally with only less than 15% of people being illiterate (Kristoff, 2018). Without education, individuals would not be at the current point of time where we are all aware of the tremendous things concerning the universe and life. Thus, with education, the human race is better off than it was. Nevertheless, it is evident that there still exists a large discrepancy of phenomena yet to be discovered (Norberg, 2016). The main crucial purpose of education is helping humans follow their desire to gain knowledge and achieve their goals. In that manner, as humans, we tend to progress. Humans are growing smarter, and apart from the influence of improved education, the other most likely reason for the rising intelligence is better nutrition - brains that are well-stimulated and well-fed do work better.

Advanced Technology and Communication

Technology facilitates easy and fast communication and gives human beings more free time. Most lives that would usually not survive without the progression in medical treatment could now be prolonged artificially (Coccia & Bellitto, 2018). Additionally, today information is easily accessible through the internet's help. Books are no longer the significant sources of improving the knowledge of a particular topic. Improvement in technology has also eased transportation, manufacturing of products.

Improved Living Standards

Even though there is income inequality in a few sectors, the standards of living are higher than ever before. The 'poor' of modern society seems to be doing better than the poor of the past "with only 10% of people today living in poverty" (Kristoff, 2019). The rich might be having more wealth, but the lifestyle that they afford such as air conditioning, home ownership, access to health care, and traveling among others do not have restrictions to a particular group. The middle class of today also boost improved wealth standards in terms of purchasing power compared to decades ago where such privileged was for the rich only. Even though some financial sectors of the world continue to stagnate, there is a notable decline in global poverty. There is additionally, economic independence for women unlike in the past when women were seen as properties for inheritance and had no right to own anything nor work outside their homes.

Improved Health Services

Human beings have not only become more prosperous but are also enjoying improved health care than before. The growth of technological advancements also allows for indoor plumbing and clean water improving hygiene in human society. "Every day more than 300,000 people get access to clean water" (Kristoff, 2018); this, in turn, reduces rates of diseases such as cholera and chronic diarrhoea. With the advancement in chemotherapy for cancer treatment and improved medication for chronic illnesses such as AIDS, people are now living healthier and longer lives than before. In most nations, there is some government-sponsored healthcare for every citizen such as the universal health care in the US, and safety and health policies which guarantees the wellbeing of the people (Coccia & Bellitto, 2018). Compare this to the situations in the past, and we see an improvement in today's lives.

Improved Safety

People are inclined to believe that society is worse off and they overrate the probability of calamities since they depend on data and information from the media. Terrorism, earthquakes, and famines tend to make gripping headlines in today's media platforms, but news on good and positive events such as government achievements or planes landing safely are rarely mentioned. Irrespective of the bloody headlines, societies are safer than before. The killing rates in the hunter-gatherer era were nearly five hundred times more than today's killings (Norberg, 2016). Around the globe, there are fewer conflicts and smaller wars than what was there generations ago. The only form of violence that is on the rise more is terrorism, but it is being overestimated. The average human being has a higher likelihood of dying from a fall in the stairs than as a result of terrorism.

Less Prejudice

Even though there is still cases of discrimination and racism in the United States today, there is a significant change compared to World War I and II eras. Over a century ago, blacks were never given a chance to rule, vote, or engage in white collar employment. That is not the case today, with the former US president Obama being of African origin and Black Americans securing voting rights. Additionally, gay marriage could be a hot controversial topic, "but compared to several decades back when homosexuality was illegal, it is much easier to note the march of progress" (Kristoff, 2018).


No doubt society is in a continuous change, and with the progression in technology, humans now have a better life quality. The primary reason as to why things happen to be better is the fact that knowledge is quickly shared and cumulative. The human society is better off. We still have issues around the globe. But there is a chance of solving those challenges like we have dealt with the problems of the former generations. The idea for optimism does not contend that humans ought to be more complacent and give up on the fight for a better life. Instead, it is the opposite; individuals ought to continue fighting since, with the current evidence of an improvement in life, they have a track record of winning these fights.


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