Essay Sample on the Importance of Summer Internship Job

Published: 2022-05-27
Essay Sample on the Importance of Summer Internship Job
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Summertime internship jobs are good for college. They usually are eight to twelve weeks long and typically follow the school semester. Summer internship jobs are dependent on when students get out of school. They start from May or June and continues through August. Different companies offer the summer internships to college students willing to gain more field experience before clearing college or campus life.

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Summer internships have been some of the leading start-up job experiences that students have been getting. This is because of the ease of getting one. Companies vary on how they treat the interns with some companies paying and others offering small incentives to the interns as an appreciation of their hard work. Government offices have been the leading providers of these internships to the students in respect to the course the student pursues and are allocated to a similar task in the workplace (O'Neill). It has changed the American culture where internships were offered only to students who need them as per the curriculum requirement or after college. Due to the advantages associated with the internship the summer internships have become some of the best work experience sources students have.

The summer holiday has been seen as a time to relax by many, but with the changes in the country's economy and the lack of job opportunities, experience has become one of the essential tools of trade in the job market. Most of the job applications require one to have a certain level of experience. For the students attaining such experience becomes hard in case you have had no internship experience or the duration of your internship is short. This shows less experience and with the competition in the job market chances of getting employment becomes hard. This was different decades ago where the competition was not as high as it is today. One would get employment easily with little experience. During this time students had the change to go for vacations over the summer holiday and still get a secured chance getting hired after school, with the changes in time and the developments in the country, the luxury of going for such summer vacations keeps dwindling. It is up to the students to become innovative get time to gain the experience so as to stand a better chance of getting employment.

Kashou et al. covers research on the importance of summertime internship that few have knowledge on. In the study Kashou, et al. covers a list of the best summer internship for the college students. The time students spend in internships can hardly be compared with the time spent on vacations. This time is essential for the practical exercise of what the students have been doing throughout the semester. This exposes the students to actual practices in relation to class work which in most cases is theoretical. The practice of this keeps the knowledge of the students sharp and in connection with the market changes in relation to the skills. Kashou et al. covered the importance of nursing students in the medical field and the importance of summer internships. Students not only do they have the theoretical understanding of health associated matters but a real-life relation with the different medical cases that help in career application.

Powell, Elizabeth A., and Antar Al-Qawwee in 2016 carried out a research on the effect of the summer holidays for the students. It was found that this greatly affects the students' academic progress in the following semester. Students tend to spend the holiday not associating with their academics. This has a negative impact on the mindset of the students. Most of the students after the summer holiday have it had to adapt back to the academic requirement. The research involved a group of students who where divided into two groups the first group was to go for vacation during the holiday and the next group was to attend summer internships in different institutions and companies and at the end of the holiday the study of how the students performed at the start of the new semester ware recorded. The group that had gone for the vacation had such a hard time adapting to the changes in the daily setup which was not recorded with the other group that had been involved in the summer internship program. The group that had been in internship had gained a lot of skills and adapted so fast to the school curriculum. During the research, a new study object came up as well. It was realized that the students from internship had become more inquisitive in relation to the different topics they had to cover. This was seen as analyzed and it was found that the student had a much better understanding of what they were expected to do in the outside world hence they tried their best to create connections from what they were learning in the classroom with what was expected of them in the outside world. The study showed the importance of summer internship for the students.

Gavigan spent time creating connections of what the students learned in classrooms and what they were expected in the outside world. The continued learning for the students leads to the creation of a knowledge database which keeps getting updated over and over as the students learn more. From the study, Gavigan outlined some of the human nature such as forgetfulness. As students learn new things, they tend to forget the other details. Continuous learning without the practical exercise of this content means that the students forget details as they progress through their studies. The summer internship is more of a practical class in the middle of an academic year. This sharpens the little knowledge they have acquired over the few semesters they have learned. The study showed that this not only did it sharpen their skills but improved there learning processes. The content that they had covered over the past few semesters is put into practice hence the chances of the student forgetting becomes impossible. The research was designed to help the learning patterns for the students. Gavigan's study contributed a lot to the learning patterns of students and on how to perfect them.

Summer internships help gives the students people to look up to in relation to the field they would wish to get involved in. Koc, Erdogan, et al. study on the need for summer internships, students get to work with different people in the field that they aspire to join after the completion of there studies. Through the exposure, the students gain an understanding of the steps needed from them so as to get to the point they are heading. This gives the students a roadmap of what is to come their way. For a student majoring in landscape architecture, for instance, summer internship involves them working in firms that offer the services to the public. During this time the student gets a chance to interact with professionals practicing the job. They get to receive mentorship from these professionals who get to give them first-hand knowledge of how to interact with clients, how to deliver what the client expects. They also get to receive information on how to get to the points they would wish to be in life. All this information is shared with the student during the summer internship and helps the student shape his or her goals the minute they get back to school. This also helps them align their courses in line to all what they have been learning during the period. Koc, Erdogan, et al. study also covered an analysis of the student's previous academic ambitions and structure before the summer internship as well as after the internship. The study concluded that the academic structure and ambitions of the students significantly change after the exposure to the practitioner in their field. The students are aware of the areas they are to put in more effort and the places they need help to perfect. The academic plan of the students has a well cut out structure to follow up since they have managed to get a taste of what they expect at the end of their academic period.

Pierson, Megan, and Marie Troppe study of 2010 covered the course on curriculum to career. The study showed the importance of the curriculum to the students' career. During the summer internships, the students get to apply some of the things they have covered in school. The acquired knowledge by the students in classroom is helpful during the internship periods, some of the skills the students may have can be used to improve the productivity of the workplace they are participating. This gives the students an opportunity to apply this learned knowledge for the benefit of the company or institution they are operating. With this happening the students get to learn the importance of performance and delivering at their workplace. This gives an example of some of the life skills acquired by the student out in the field that can hardly be acquired back in the classroom. In most cases, students who manage to deliver perfectly well during the internship period get a job opportunity in the workplace after school. This helps reduce the struggling chances of the student out in the job market.

With the changes in the job industry, different things have changed, things such as the intensity of competition for a job position among other matters. Every business requires an applicant to have at least 1 to 5 years of experience. This means that a graduate has no chance of getting employment. Students and parents should consider these matters before jetting out of the country for summer vacations and then, later on, tarmacking as the son or daughter searches for a job opportunity. Summer internship helps the students get this experience and give them a greater chance towards getting the jobs they desire (O'Neill). Students have also managed to retain their internships to job positions after graduation hence giving them a smooth transition from college to work a thing experienced by few fortunate students.

The attained knowledge by the student can hardly be matched to nothing. This helps the student get well equipped of what to expect after their graduation. As seen in the introduction every business in the market in the needs to hire employees with experience and for a student, this is the only source of experience. The parents should review all this information and start getting their children summer internships rather than vacation trip tickets since those hardly help them in their future careers. Every parent wants a brighter future for their children, and this is a taste of what it takes to prepare one. The students should be ready for sacrifices as well. Vacations are a time to relax after harvest of one's sweat. To all the students out there utilize summer holidays productively and attend the summer internships and get your career in line.

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