Essay Sample on Teaching and NAEYC List of Standard

Published: 2022-06-17
Essay Sample on Teaching and NAEYC List of Standard
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NAEYC list of Standard

NAEYC list of standards explains fundamental components essential for effective learning of young children. Standard of the curriculum has a subset that allows physical, early mathematics, science, social and emotional development. The children grow through experiences and continued performance of a task over time. To attain effectiveness of this, the NAEYC (2018) principle aids in enabling teachers observe and note fundamental concepts and skills necessary for learning and development of kids. The standard also allows the educators to plan activities that children would undertake daily which depends on the varying abilities of the kids. The tasks allocated at different times of the day promote the absorption of intended knowledge and skills as the children engage in playful activities depending on their needs and interests in development.

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Through interview, it was clear that when children create friendships and healthy interactions, it becomes a chance of acquiring new knowledge and skills from each other as well as within oneself. Moreover, they gain knowhow on healthy conflict resolution and have an opportunity to learn how to comprehend, have empathy for and being considerate of other people's viewpoints. They also get competence on how to control their feelings, conduct, and concentration. Moreover, development of intense liking towards learning is evidenced by their participation in various tasks, tenacity, the urge of knowing, and mastery.

Rationale of Artifact

Surroundings that enhance the free mobility of infants plays a crucial role in development of their gross motor skills. The physical growth facilitates their movements, coordination and boosting the incorporation of sensory-motor. The ability of young ones to fully employ their hands and fingers in the tasks within their surroundings stems from amelioration of fine-motor techniques.

Exposing infants to mathematical concepts of big, small, more, or less initiates learning. Their ability expressed sight and touching of varying shapes, colors, sizes, patterns and playing objects gives them number awareness. Furthermore, they are beginning education on science once they discover how to use their senses to tackle situations in their environment. As they explore the world, they gain independence and self-identity is formed upon realizing their capabilities in doing several activities. Giving babies a chance to discover age-appropriate artworks is also essential.


The level of my teaching has taken learning a notch higher as I give the young ones an opportunity to acquire experiences relevant for cognitive development. The materials and objects I use ensure that the right knowledge and skills are passed on to the kids depending on their abilities to comprehend. Moreover, my professional practices have taken a positive shift in that I take time to understand the capabilities of each kid and assign tasks depending on their strengths. Engaging with children's helps in understanding

I intend to integrate the teaching skills and knowledge through this course by modifying the learning environments to incorporate objects and materials necessary in quick understanding of aspects among infants. Additionally, my lesson plans will be flexible and accommodative of all learning activities. I will implement my knowledge and application of the technical skills and practices in the "real world" of Early Childhood Education by use of descriptions that will create a lasting memory in the children. Moreover, performing tasks over and over as a group or individually will enhance the speed of mastery.


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