Essay Sample on Responsibilities of Hydraulic Engineer

Published: 2023-09-17
Essay Sample on Responsibilities of Hydraulic Engineer
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The article explains who the hydraulic engineer is. It also highlights the primary responsibility of people working as engineers in this field. Other factors discussed in the journal include the unique skills that are required in the career. The education qualification of an engineer work schedule and the average income of an engineer. Finally, the article points out the career prospect of hydraulic engineering.

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According to the article, a hydraulic engineer is responsible for designing fluid material and ensuring that such materials work effectively. This is a broader definition from Zhang and Yu (2017), who simplifies hydraulic engineering as water science. The article also explains that an engineer must learn a fluid mechanism theory and principles necessary to solve issues related to the job in question. A hydraulic engineer's significant obligations include collection, storage, transportation, control, and regulation of fluid (Cook, 2019). The primary fluid in the universe I water hence significant employment opportunity for people with this qualification is water rehabilitation organizations.

The article also points out the key responsibilities of a hydraulic engineer, one of the duties include studying information about the survey and incorporating the analysis of geological and topological details. These help in mapping and establishing structures related to the fluid in question. Additionally, the engineer should also be a part of a panel that helps estimate cost, including labor cost, equipment cost, and material required in a specific hydraulic project. The major hydraulic project includes dam construction or any other project that involves both liquid and gas (Yi at el 2017).

Thirdly, the article highlights that an engineer should supervise the staff members on their daily routine and ensure effective hydraulic management. Moreover, he should also work together with the architect to ensure that hydraulic structures are expertly designed. Poor designing of the fluid may result in leakage or accidents (Darby et al. 2017). Finally, the engineer should also ensure the hydraulic department takes all safety measures. This is mainly needed when dealing with corrosive, high flammable fluid, and ample quantity fluids since these could harm people. For example, L.G. plant leak in Hyderabad India killed eleven people and sickened more than a thousand others (S.C.A, 2020). Generally, in some instances, fluid requires particular caution that invites high-level precautions.

According to the article, the hydraulic engineer's necessary skills include the ability to work under pressure, excellent project management skills, and good business acumen. In terms of the educational background, one may have a bachelor's degree from any recognized college. In exceptional cases, a postgraduate qualification is necessary. In other cases, a college diploma is also viable for the work. In the U.S.A., the lowest payment for a hydraulic engineer is $37,000, while the highest amount is $109,000. However, this is highly dependent on the qualification and responsibilities are given to a person. Finally, the article argues that hydraulic engineering's career prospect is promising since the word needs more water conservation strategies.

The article highlights almost everything that a student hoping to choose hydraulic engineering as a career needs to know. For example, one needs to access their capabilities and the ability to work under the condition stated. Additionally, it can help people preparing for an interview in a hydraulic engineer job. Some of the things questioned by interviewers include the responsibilities expected while one is at work and the average income expected. Finally, the article can be encouraging for students who are taking the engineering course.


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