Essay Sample on Kameda's Journey: From Japanese Market Leader to Struggling US Food Company

Published: 2023-06-14
Essay Sample on Kameda's Journey: From Japanese Market Leader to Struggling US Food Company
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Kameda dealt with rice products in the Japanese. They were the leading in the Japanese rice cracker market, and they had to consider expanding their business overseas. They expanded their business and ended up in the USA as a food company. It was among their visions, and while in the USA, they sold rice-based snacks to consumers. Despite establishing and having the best market, they are still struggling. They were able to do both right and wrong in their marketing strategies of both frosted snacks and crisps.

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Over the years, they have been able to attract their consumers by offering product samples to users. They have also tried changing the brand names and packaging models of their products. Their administration team has been able to focus their capital on adding new flavors to the frosted snacks and crisps. They have also been able to change the marketing places of their products. An example is that they have been able to change the supermarkets where they were initially placing their products. They have also improved the retailing shops continually, and by so doing, they were able to reach multiple users.

Despite accomplishing all these different marketing guidelines, they were not able to attain their targeted expectations. To worsen the situation, they incurred losses, and sales were below average. They believed that their gluten-free products would conquer the market, but it provided to be the opposite. They have set their products to be sold at high rates, and the issue haunts the market of Kameda. Recently, they partnered with Mary Gone's Cracker, and while there was a steady sales growth, the profits were still small. They incur high manufacturing and high transportation costs of their ingredients. They are also struggling because their distribution market coverage is limited.

Kameda Strategic Plan for Kameda Crisps

The major challenge facing Kameda company is high product prices, which scare most potential customers. Despite its quality being healthy, the company should consider positioning KC products with high-quality while subsidizing the product price to attract more customers. Branding is a product marketing strategy that should be adopted to increase the company's customer base. Kameda Crisps should consider perfecting the rice products and participate in gluten food serving, which is the growing trend in the United States. Gluten-free sales, according to study, always grow at 20% every fiscal. Using Gluten-free sales will serve as a promotion strategy while acting as brand marketing. Once the company attains customers' trust, it will be easier for the company to establish another product base. Processed snacks do not have a higher profit margin than Kameda Seika baked snacks. They should consider obtaining a non-GMO credential, which could help in boosting the company's value. The company should regulate its priced to ensure they are within the price range. Controlling the price will provide the company's brand is maintained while maintaining a stiff competition with its competitors.

The company specializes in making several numbers of flavors which makes it enjoy a competitive advantage. However, by blending products needs as a strategy to stand out in the market. Most competitors are readily adopting the company's trend. The company should adjust its aim too high sales to maximize its profit since the current cost is quite high. Taking "An-on-the-go, healthy, and affordable for anyone individual" positioning strategy can help the company maximize its product sales to individuals who are ever busy and don't have sufficient time to get a meal. The company should consider locating their firm in strategic positions such as New York City, which is characterized by a high population. The company should consider establishing their industry in a location which offers sufficient room for future expansion.

Strategic Plan for Kameda Frosted Snack (FS)

Kameda company faces several challenges, which makes frosted snacks marketing difficult, as stated earlier. To create a large market base in the United States, Kameda should consider Targeting marketing and positioning strategy. In targeting strategy, Kameda company will be able to break an extensive market into a small section and then aim at a specific frosted Snacks customer group. From the case study, Kameda company produces frosted snacks, which generate a higher profit margin compared to crisps. Focusing on a particular customer base can potentially result in high returns. The company should also focus on branding marketing strategy. In branding marketing, the company focuses on the measure, which ensures constant reminding of customers why they should consider purchasing frosted snacks. The company should establish contests, specialize in product advertisement, and trade show sales promotion strategy, which keeps the market growing by providing large numbers of potential markets.

Kameda frosted snacks should adopt a competitor-based pricing strategy to maximize their profit since the current cost is quite high. The company should take the pricing strategy because it would determine where the competing firms' product range. The company would be able to benchmark their prices based on the information from the market and not depending on their belief on the products. After benchmarking, they would be able to pin the prices at a considerable target because customers always purchase products at lower prices.

Kameda frosted snacks should Adopt "An-on-the-go, healthy and affordable for anyone individual" positioning strategy as it would help the company maximize its product sales to individuals who are ever busy and don't have sufficient time to get a meal. The company should consider locating its firm in a strategic position such as Atlanta as it also has a high population. Atlanta would be able to offer sufficient room for future expansion.

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