Essay Sample on Interviewing Psychiatric Patients

Published: 2022-06-01
Essay Sample on Interviewing Psychiatric Patients
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Basing on Joshua's condition, information on the onset of the symptoms would be very necessary. Additionally, addressing the particular symptoms exhibited since the onset of the condition would elaborate on the much needed information on establishing the core cause and the extent of the disease. Similarly, the effects caused by the disease to Joshua as per its duration. Similarly, establishment on the most potential health effects related to the disease that may affect Joshua.

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To conduct a psychiatric interview, note should be taken on the age of the patient and the kind of a disorder that they suffer from. Joshua, who has leukemia at the age of five will not e able to respond to many questions regarding his situation and therefore response from his parents will be of great value. The interview questions usually differ depeneding on whether or the patient is an outpatient or an inpatient. Ireespective of this, the aims and goals of the interview must be upheld accordingly (Lorin, 2016). Now that Joshua is still a kid, the kind of questions i will ask him must be open ended. Open-ended questions gives the patient an opportunity to respond without saying either a "yes" or "no" (James, 2017). They will have to give a simple explanation about their situation. The following are the kind of questions i will ask;

What made you come for this evaluation? A small talk will preceed this.

When did you notice that Joshua had leukemia?

How has that affected you as a family?

Has Joshua shown any signs of understanding his situation?

How does he currently relate with his friends? Is it as usual or there is a slight change?

Has anyone in your genetic tree ever had this condition before?

Jane is a teenager. She is fifteen years old and has excellent normal developmental milestone expected from her. It should be noted that she is however a bit concerned by the situation in which her younger brother is in at the moment. Apart from that, it is evident that the way she thinks and feel about the whole situation is a bit mature just like it is expected of all kids of her age. She has unique personality attributes and opinions that are valid and she supports them effciently and this suggests that she has started relating well with people by finding her exact space. For instance, when I asked about what she thinks about the best medication for Joshua, she declined chemotherapy and gave valid reasons for that. She agreed that other methods should be sought first before opting for a chemotherapy.

Bowen family systems theory guides on human behavior by stating that the family is the most emotional unit which takes the application of systems reasoning to illustrate the complex interactions in the unit. The first interview witrhg Jone's family will have to be moderate and brief, asking simple questions and trying to create a good rapport for successful future engagements. My evaluation with the family will not take into consideration of any cultural practices.


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