Essay Sample on Factors That Influence Child Development

Published: 2022-12-13
Essay Sample on Factors That Influence Child Development
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Gender Imbalance and Its Corresponding Effects

Most children experience bad treatment either from their families themselves or the surrounding individuals. However, the act of mistreatment affects the female group of children. This is due to the failure of implementing harsh and proper guidelines in some of the countries that govern the rules of women and children at large. Women are on most occasions considered to be unfruitful in country's economies, a character that has disadvantaged most female children because people are on the view that teaching them is like a waste of resources. In the Roscommon case report of 2010, a parent to six children is jailed and sentenced in court following the mistreatment that she gave to her six children (Drudy, 2008).

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Most families are fond of concentrating so much on their professions abandoning their family duties, in the recent studies, women have been considered to be the majority who offers care to their siblings, in relation, women are generally weak and can not be compared to the strengths of men. As a result, it becomes too hard for most women to balance off their responsibilities back in the family and thus leaving their younger ones susceptible to mistreat and abuse by the surrounding neighborhoods, (Lewis, 2009). Ideally, it would be good to highlight, in coordination with job employment authorities in charge of labor in the whole world, some kind of favoritism to women who are employed on the times they are required to attend and leave their working places, this may help because, the problem may be happening due to fear of losing jobs, making them go that extra mile of leaving their children back at home.

One may ask what about the helpers that the working class frequently employ? It is very risky for most of them to be left with children alone out of the supervision of the parents, and this practice is one of the significant motivators of child abuse and therefore is not encouraged. For example, studies have it that the children taken in foster cares are not in position to receive maximum attention from their caretakers as the population might be significant and additionally, the caretakers may not have that motherly heart and would just be working in search of money to fulfill his/her expectations (Wells, 2011). This attention calls for a focus to re-orient the welfares of children and rules followed strictly against those that interfere with woman's rights.

Gender imbalance has dramatically affected many countries, and it has led to different problems either directly or indirectly where one problem develops to another and so on. For instance, the issue of poverty which is affecting most developing countries can only be addressed if children are given access to education. This may create a promising environment for a nation since the learned ones, after achieving their profession are capable of bringing changes into the country (Camp, 2002). In the Roscommon report of 2010, the children are denied access to education until the year 2004 when their years are now beginning to exceed the required starting levels of schooling in Roscommon.

Similarly, in the Roscommon report, the family of the children is seen to neglect the requirements of Roscommon. From 1996 to 2004, the judge states that the children did never attend for care despite the western health board operating within for all that duration. The healthcare protection agencies are necessary because they help manage the health of young individuals who should be vaccinated and given some checkups to ensure that their lives are in good condition and to prevent any possible outbreak of diseases in their bodies once they grow (Zenzano, 2011).

Religion on Fight Against Gender

In the fight against gender, religion also plays a very vital role either negatively or positively. for example in Saudi Arabia, women have been too much degraded and religion has led to this effect. Muslims in Saudi Arabia doesn't allow women to drive vehicles. The sharia law working in the country just recently went ahead to create a ban against female drivers. However, the announcement received criticism almost immediately when women were seen in streets calling out for their rights and freedom (Raday, 2003) Christianity also is limiting the equality to some extent and this can be proved by the code of canon law in the roman catholic church, it states that only baptized men are valid for ordination, either as a bishop or high priests. This rule denies women their rights, and interestingly, this law was created by humans and not god or spirits, therefore, it goes without any doubt that women are normally disadvantaged in most fields, even while in the churches (Raday, 2003).

Roles of Health Professionals on Children Care

The health professionals also have to incorporate with the government agencies to ensure that all children receive that kind of care as per the requirements. Having done these, the government should hold responsible those parents who fail to accomplish the rules like the mother to the six children In the Roscommon case was conducted. Ideally, the judgment made by judge Miriam Reynolds to keep the woman in jail for seven years was a right decision and, similar judgments should be made in the current courts to ensure justice to the younger ones is maintained (Nancarrow, 2005).

Another role of the professionals is to ensure that those children in the foster cares are taken care of and their lives remain safe, all requirements of checkups and treatment done to them and that their caretakers are appropriately vetted and those with loving hearts selected. Most of those children who end up in foster cares are those that have different problems resulting from various sources, for example, medical, mental health and development issues. Those who happen to have psychological or emotional problems like in the case of the six children in the Roscommon case, who are maybe emotionally disturbed with their situations, may require special treatment and continuous follow up since their conditions may end up worsening while in the foster cares rather than improving (Simms, 2000).

The health professionals are therefore on duty to ensure that the health and well being of the children in the foster cares are improved by performing timely and evaluating strict admissions. They can offer that continuity of care and the organ playing an active advocacy role (Simms, 2000).

Religious Leaders Among Health Professionals

Additionally, religious leaders should also be inclusive when mentioning health professionals. The main reason for this is that the leaders are always full of advice and possibly they can convince someone who is either unaware of the laws governing the rights of children or those that ignore their duties in the families for providing their children with the perfect attention required. For instance, if the religious leaders were available in the place where the woman was leaving with her six children, it may be anticipated that the woman could not have ended up spending seven years in jail (Lipman, 2006).

Currently, it is so hard to find occurrences of similar cases in courts, and this is because of the responsible society that has so far developed. The responsibility comes after the struggle with the world health organizations to create awareness both in the developed and the developing countries including remote areas. In the Roscommon report, the surrounding individuals of the family of the woman seem to be too careless and fail to bother the woman amidst challenges and mistreatment undergone by the six children (Lipman, 2006).

For instance, back in the years the 1980s, both the Christian churches and the Muslims combined efforts to fight the increasing rate of aids infection to people leaving in Nigeria. Reports have it that, about 81 leaders of African dependent churches and 81 members from Muslim group performed the practice and as a result, there was a significant decrease in the rate of infection as the statistics have it (Oruboloye, 1993).

Role of Parents to Their Children

Due to the continuous suffering undergone by various children on different levels or occasions, there is a call for parents to uphold their duties after rearing their children. From the Roscommon report and other research articles mentioned in this essay, it has been realized that the majority are not keeping their roles. They sometimes argue that they are committed with their professional jobs while some like the mother to the six children assume knowingly (Lewis, 2009)

Studies has it that some parents, on the other hand, are very serious with their roles and doing them to the maximum, for instance, when a collection of 234 middle-class parents from different countries were picked randomly and asked about their view on proving the family role to their children, they answered that the majority responded that they take their free time to discuss the school work with their children. They assist their children in understanding some technical subjects like mathematics (Drummond, 2004)

In Children's Personality Development

Parents have a very vital role in the future of their children. Research has it; for the development stages of a child, after the birth, everything that they partake on their childhood age counts for the future of that particular child. This is to say; that how children socialize with their parents while young counts and become very vital determinants of who the child will be; as a result, parents are required to give their best to their children considering them as 1) future investment, and 2) as the changes of the current world (Pomerantz, 2008).

For instance, in the Roscommon case of 2010, the children's life rescued when they were very pathetic; this came as a result of lack of access to education. It can be anticipated that without this rescue, then the children's lives could have ended up messing and eventually they would adapt evil characters like prostitution for ladies or get involved in criminal activities for both ladies and men (Pomerantz, 2008).

In Education

Parents also must take their children to schools to obtain knowledge, and it is indeed a great sin to sit back at home with a child without making him/her to school. In the book, (Baker, 2003), parents are advised to help teachers in educating their children back at home. This may majorly favor those children who are slow learners to catch up quickly as they will be going through double attention. Teachers, also as part of the parents, are also advised to improve their teaching skills of operating with those who are slow learners so that at the end they don't feel eliminated.

Research by Ronald Ferguson states that a child's performance is affected by outside school factors and these effects may be approximated to 50%. Consequently, the most required support by a child that she can ever get is from her parents. The support may involve a range of activities that a parent can do, ensuring that a child goes to school while he or she is well fed, well dressed being some of the core duties the parents has to ensure. In the Roscommon case report of 2010, the mother to the six children is found to neglect her duties in this line, and to worsen the situation, fails to take them to school at all.

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