Essay Sample on Digital Advertising: Creation of Products Image

Published: 2023-03-29
Essay Sample on Digital Advertising: Creation of Products Image
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Public relations and digital advertising dominate in creating products image on the internet. A lot of images has been shared in social media to generate awareness about the Company's products, its brand name, as well as their targeted customers. Companies such as Apple, which is one of the best mobile and tablet providers across the globe, have embraced digital medial like websites, Facebook, TVs, Company's app to market their products. These digital media has influenced by the global shift into the digital era, and the first place that the consumers look for information about a product they need is online. It, therefore, necessitates for companies to invest in their digital images for them to remain competitive. Digital photos also help companies to get feedback regarding their products from the comments that the consumers give online.

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An online image has played a significant role in magnifying the market platform for Apple products. Categorically they have used both digital and traditional news media to reach out to the targeted audiences. Initially, traditional channels such as TVs and radios have been much used by the Company as a way of advertising. Still, they have upgraded into digital channels such as emails, websites, and fliers to spread across the globe.

Ever since Apple adopted online image marketing, its market share has been on the rise. From their images, it is clear that the Company has active marketing strategies. Apple has its website where all the information about its products is available to the public. The website explains what the Apple Company does and how it does it. Through the website, Apple has been able to establish loyal customers that believe that Apple products make their life better.

Apple products reported to be reliable and to make life easier. Regardless of the stiff competition that it faces from its main competitor, Samsung, its net worth, and the market share continues to grow. The information reported that the total revenue in the first quarter of its fiscal 2020 is $91.8 billion, which is way more than what the Company had predicted. Per-share profit of the Company anticipated to be$4.54, but it has risen to $4.99 (ents rise after company reports better-than-expected revenue of $91.8B | TechCrunch," 2020)

In addition, the success of the Company has been a subject of discussion on different social media platforms, in different business websites, televisions, and radio. Individually, the marketing strategies that apple uses to remain relevant looked at on several occasions. Apple has been avoiding price war and has been focusing on strategically been identifying its customers and satisfying their needs. This strategy has done through the full description of their products on their websites and across their social media accounts. Also, the approach has helped them to capture their customers' needs and complaints. The Company also takes timely action and demonstrates its ability to deal with the claims that the customers rise and therefore winning the customers' loyalty("7 Key Strategies That You Must Learn From Apple's Marketing," n.d.)

Much has said about the company products in terms of how they market their products, their pricing, and their targeted end-users in a broad way. First, they have used digital advertising to market. According to Brand stone and Stephanie Clifford, Apple will advertise it not merely to peruse the news, books, and different materials, however, for organizations to charge for such substance. With its great designs and encrypted software, it can linger the media to change the consumer behavior of the digital era. Secondly, they have a well-detailed menu-script that describes the product. This will help to reach out to the less illiterate people across the globe to run the applications within the tablet. The products also support print media such as magazines, newspapers, and publishing of books to deliver. The Apple devices are unique from other devices in the market, starting from the color, their slender shape, and their size, it's easier to recognize it so quickly. As said by Trip Hawking, "At the point when you have a gadget that is this helpful and a good time for shoppers to utilize, you can get significantly more individuals keen on paying for and drawing in with the content."

On the contrary, much has been said about the Company and the products they offer, and it has been of great importance to both the Company and the end-users. To understand more about the Company, they need to come up with practical ways to create a platform where users and give feedback about their brand. According to Dr. Marcel Volmer on twitter, Apple considered part of the big five techs around the globe. Also (Peter, K.) highlighted that revenue generated by Apple in 2018 amounted to approximately $265.6Billion, iPhone dominating with 62.8%, MAC 9.6%, IPad 7.1%, and other products making 20.5% of revenue. Over the decade, Apple has been a successful company due to their marketing strategy. Design and utility have been a reason behind Apple's successes, thus giving it a competitive advantage. Through digital advertising, they have reached many potential customers and rewarding casual purchasers as their brand ambassadors across the world. They have also given out free trial programs to receive real testimonials on the ground.

Apart from news media, the Company has outsourced in other areas like social media to analyze the comments posted about them. Social media has become an influential channel where the Company showcases its products, and they can interact and engage freely with their potential customer. Social media platforms include thing like social interacting, (Gogle+my space, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), blogs (Blogger, Word Press, type pad), video sharing platforms and photo (YouTube and Vimeo), societal bookmarking (Delightful and Stagger Upon), news distribution (Digg, Buzz, Yahoo) (Campbell, 2010). Looking on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, they have been flocked with large masses, making the Company to diverge their advertising techniques on these sites.

Facebook used as a stable base platform to connect the Company with potential customers. Facebook is the most significant interpersonal organization of the present period, with 1.1Billion, enrolled clients, and an expected 750 million one of a kind month to month guests (SEOPressor, 2012). Social media helps the Company to get in touch with its users, where they share their experiences about the brand. Also, the Company gains information about the product and services to improve and take corrective measures to address the issue (turner & Shsh,2011) .twitter is another platform where people write a message and interact with one another. According to SEOPressor, 20120, it has 500 million enlisted clients and 400 million tweets each day. Company creation their profile will enhance them to have an opportunity to trade their brand. The most significant comfort with internet-based life is to help the business in promoting its image to be a winder 'worldwide' network (Kabani and Brogan, 2010).

Web-based life advertising has, as a general rule, empowered the business to take the input, remarks, and proposals from their clients through web journals, pictures rating and improve their item and administrations with the goal that the client tended to in an increasingly proactive way (Haijar, 2012). as social networking has used blogs, it has also been in the first line up to be used by the Company for innovation and marketing. Blogs have an opportunity to address the issues and challenges the users get in acquiring the products.

Communication has challenges and opportunities for news media. Many news media have established themselves in the digital media platforms reaching too many audiences. According to Reuter Institute Digital News Report (2016.), most web clients go to build up new media associations for online news. More individuals go to paper brands and supporter brands than go to advanced conceived outlets like Buzz Feed, the Huffington Post, or different local online-just news destinations. The vast majority of media average have been able to gather large masses than before, thus breaking even in the services they offer.

Generally, Apple has received a lot of good vibes plus more critics on social media platforms. They still find themselves thriving on social medial even when no product to launch. Those people who are satisfied get the fun and feel calm about the Apple products will always create the right image no matter the critics. They have created products that exceed our expectations that are well designed and are simple to use. Some discussions on social medial are always negative, and people get to hate about the brand for no reason. In some situations, some critics are right in that they will pinpoint how good or bad the product is, and it will create some awareness for the new users. According to the research, during the launch of the iPhone 5C, 45% of the conversations were criticizing the design. At the same time, 36% were questioning their price. Based on Twitter handles, the gender split was 67% male and 33% female. Another critic is that the customers are always unpredictable when the new product is coming up next. They create unhealthy mode to its users on what their next move might be.

In conclusion, I would urge that news media and social media play a massive impact on advertising and connecting marketers and targeted audiences. However, it's fair to say media have offered many opportunities for marketers to know how people say about them. Social networks and blogs, especially Facebook and Twitter, have a lot of followers, including politicians and celebrities, where they express their opinions and views towards a particular product or Company. It's through media where Apple gets both positive responses and negative critics about its products, knows where to improve and what users need. Marketing strategy and great design are what make Company a success on the media. Although Apple is the best brand on social media, they have challenges in how they address customer complaints. Human behavior is a factor many companies like Apple fails to address, and unless id adhered to more critics will always be there. In that context, media is the solution for many companies to advertise their brand and create an excellent picture to its users, and perhaps and no company in this era will back out to it.


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