Essay Sample: How English Course Has Affected My Academics

Published: 2022-09-26
Essay Sample: How English Course Has Affected My Academics
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English is one of my favorite subjects in school. Completing this unit course has helped improve my term grading and offered me a chance explores more in the literary world. The course has boosted my skills of interpretation and analyzing questions in other course units. The course has helped me be a creative writer. The biggest hurdle for me on the previous grades was developing a logical narrative that has a good plot, setting, theme, and tone, and character development. From this course, I learned that developing good writing skill required the broad reading of various narratives to have an overview of what other writers believe on. The different point of views presented by writers such as Morgan in the prescribed course materials helped nourish my proficiency in language application.

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Coherency in writing essays is one main aspect of writing that I came to learn from the unit. As Morgan (1998) illustrates, connecting main ideas to the rest of the essay pose a challenge to students. The flow of ideas from one sentence to the other has to be clear and smooth to allow the reader interconnect ideas. This course has provided me with an alternative way to unnecessary repetitions in writing by using substitute forms of the words or phrases.

Throughout the progression of this course, a lot of proofreading was done. This presented me with a chance to recheck the errors both grammatical and syntax that arise in sentences during writing. While writing, I realized that I could make omissions that are easily forgotten if not proofread well. By doing so, the ideas are well laid out for the audience and easily diagnosed. The course has offered me skills on functional writing. By understanding the rules and regulations of writing different documents, I can successfully design official letters, friendly letters, invoice, resume, shopping list, and minute writing. In addition, it helped me know how to create bibliographies, creating the academic database as well as accessing information in the internet and dictionary

Weekly presentations and draft writing for the seminars and labs helped provide me with more different views on writing. The presentation unveiled my potential in poetry. The unit brought to light the help of teachers to students in creating poems through relating ideas to things they easily associate within normal life. In many occasions, poetry posed a challenge to many students in school and me. However, from the contents of this course, poetry has been made interesting to me, having understood different elements of poetry and interacting with the other basic forms of poetry. I have developed a cognitive ability to deeply dig into the meaning of the poem and rephrase the content, a measure that I lacked previously.

Another benefit from this course is that it has made me appreciate other linguistic stances of the world. The evolution of Jamaican Creoles and Pidgins was not only interesting but informative. Jamaican Creole is English that is influenced by other African languages. It offered an interesting view of how the English language can be integrated into other languages and brings up a new form of language.

Overall, I enjoyed the course, and its benefits have made me a different thinker and reader. Ultimately, I have developed a system of reading at least two novels a month. As my teachers have observed too, my creativity in narrative writing is great.


Morgan, P. (1998). Language Proficiency for Tertiary Level. UWIDEC, UWI.

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