Essay Sample Dedicated to Franklin Roosevelt

Published: 2022-03-09
Essay Sample Dedicated to Franklin Roosevelt
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Franklin Roosevelt was a reform-oriented president

Franklin Roosevelt took over power as the American president when America was undergoing an economic depression, and the markets were failing. Despite all this, Franklin Roosevelt was able to initiate policy reforms that were aimed at relief, recovery and reforming the ailing economy. Franklin Roosevelt was courageous enough to bring all Americans together in his vision of a better future (688-689).

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President Franklin Roosevelt is a charismatic leader

At the time FDR was being sworn in as the American president, Americans were significantly divided and in panic due to the failing economy. At that time, the American people needed a leader who will understand what they needed, and FDR was able to deliver a better vision by consoling with Americans through regular broadcasts. As a result, many Americans became optimistic towards the new government legislation that was aimed at restoring the American banks that had collapsed due to lack of public trust. Americans regained trust in the banks and started depositing money back to the banks which restored the banks and set the country economy rolling again (691).

Franklin Roosevelt was a people`s president

After spearheading the recovery of the countries' economy and initiating new people based policies such as the social security Act and creating many jobs for the people FDR was reelected again into power with a great voter turnout in 1936. The high voter turnout acknowledged that the people were aware of his efforts towards improving their livelihoods and trusted him again for the presidency. The ability of FDR to frankly communicate to his supporters was the force behind his success and the win to run the country for the second time. For instance, during his struggle with polio FDR was in contact with the people where he was able to learn their needs and difficulties, and he initiated legislation aimed at easing the people suffering (691-692).

FDR was economic oriented

Franklin Roosevelt believed that the peoples` lives could only be improved by improving the economy. In his tenure, FDR initiated an economic reform and recovery initiative through legislation such as the National Recovery Administration that aimed at supporting businesses to overcome the economic depression at the time. The new deal programs initiated by FDR eased the joblessness in the country, but they had more long-term benefits compared to the short-term gains (693).

Franklin Roosevelt overcame unemployment and united the Americans.

After taking over in a failed state socially and economically in 1933, FDR primary target was fixing the economy and restoring the hopes of Americans. FDR was able to seek counsel from learned Americans such as economists, political scientists, and lawyers with the aim of creating programs that would transform the people's lives. FDR was able to rally the Congress towards implementing productive policies within a few days after taking over the office. Through the new deal policies, FDR was able to provide relief which ensured the unemployed people have the necessities and also initiated national recovery and reforms to create new social programs that were to benefit the people (692).

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