Essay Sample Dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Published: 2022-05-09
Essay Sample Dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold was born on 30th July 1947 in Austria. Arnold`s early years were far perfect. His father was an alcoholic police chief and was also a Nazi party member. Mostly he favored one of his sons` and he also served in the Second World War. Gustav, Arnold Schwarzenegger`s father, was reported to have beaten and threatened him and sympathy to the other son. Gustav always out laughed Arnold`s dreams of becoming a bodybuilder. Arnold never had the feeling of being at home because he never had support from either his father or his brother. The rules, orders and the uncomfortable life made him bitter enough not to attend neither the funeral of his father in 1972 nor that of his brother in 1971 whose life ended in a car crash. He turned to movies since he did not have anyone to criticize him anymore. In 1965 he served in the Austrian army, a requirement for every mature Austrian man. He won several contest during his service in the army. This helped in propelling his obsession with America. Joe Weider who loved his sense of humor and saw potential in him as a young bodybuilder helped him. Schwarzenegger won six Mr. Olympia crowns and five Mr. Universe titles at the age of 20 years through his profession of perfecting his body through exercises and proper nutrition, the profession he started at 15 years. He always defended the Mr. Olympia crowns. He moved from Austria to the United States of America 1968, aided in moving forward the sport and finalized in 1977 documentary.

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Schwarzenegger wished to make it to Hollywood since his first foray to the local movie house. It was only a matter of time before he made it to Hollywood, which would fulfill his dream, since the bodybuilding career had made him to be at the top of the bodybuilder world. He received a Golden Global Award in 1976 for being the best newcomer performer after performing in few parts of the film stay hungry. He was recommended to act in action films because of his extreme degree of physical strength and size. He became popular in few action movies in 1980s. He also starred in some of the science fiction dramas.

The urge for success was the inner personality of Arnold. He entered into politics at later stages of his life. Despite the dirty game mentality that politics is associated with, he did not seem to care. All he believed in was success. In 2003, he was in the gubernatorial race for the gubernatorial seat in the state of California. Arnold had garnered a multitude of following from Americans owing to his antics in movies and bodybuilding. He already had built a name for himself and he should have gone for presidency instead. He was elected the governor in 2003 after a special election was conducted. The US is dominated by only two political parties, the Republican and the democrat. He was a Republican and at that time, he had a lot of challenges to solve in the state. His number one agenda after clinching the top seat was to come up with a solution to the increasing economic owes by stabilizing it. He used the wolf-like character he used in movies to confront the Democrats who had the largest contribution in the fall of California.

Arnold pressured the Democrats to fix the budget so as it would favor all Americans. Between 2003 and 2006, he advocated for improvement of the state's financial situation, helped the natives develop new business to form part of their employment as well environment protection. He was greatly concerned by the massive destructions in the natural environment. During the next general election, he was successfully re-elected as the governor in 2006. People loved his ideologies and gave him a chance to continue delivering on his promises. This time, things did not run smoothly as it were at first. He was unable to fix the financial problems facing the area and had to leave office in 2011. He was still involved in acting while in office and in 2010, he was part of the Expendables which they later filmed the second part of it in 202. Since leaving office, Arnold had ups and down and one of them was divorcing with his wife. He later returned into film action though he later quit and took up a role in a reality TV show. He later resigned. Recently, he was the talk of the town after he underwent a heart though he later regained his stable condition. Until now, Arnold has chosen to maintain a low profile in his old age. In short, Schwarzenegger had a successful career and life fully lived.

Arnold drew his inspiration from Reagan who was the president of the US during the time when he became a citizen of the US. Reagan was a real inspiration to him. Arnold is a living inspiration not only to Americans but also to all members from the rest of the world. He is a real definition of from grass to grass situation. He was just a boy lifting weights I the suburbs of Austria but at the end of the day, he ends up being a leader in United States. His approach to situations especially in movies depicts that one should never give up no matter thesuffering. His common phrase "I shall be back" meaning was to revisit once he has been wronged. In his films, he keeps fighting and fighting regardless of the number of enemies. His success can be attributed to his no-nonsense attitude.

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