Essay Sample Comprising the Responses to the Posts on News Articles

Published: 2022-06-07
Essay Sample Comprising the Responses to the Posts on News Articles
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Response to Sandi

Thank you, Sandy, for your post: You have chosen a news article which discusses an issue of concern about current trends. You have included quite an informative introduction which has the potential of informing the reader regarding what the bill is about, the reason for its establishment and the groups which it targets. You have therefore brought the readers to the same ground by informing them of the background details regarding the chosen article. This is a great way to begin writing an article, which is quite recommendable (Beeman, 2014).

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You have ensured that you first summarized what was presented in the news article before putting forth your opinion. Kucer (2017) provided that this is important since you're your audience will be able to understand the basis of your critique. Your opinion is objective as you base them on the facts about the news article. Besides, the writer is a professional who understands how sex trafficking and the related information affect children. It is therefore possible that your argument was informed by a professional reasoning.

Response to Sassy

Thank you, Jassy, for your post on this important article. Your opening to the post is very effective as it contains adequate details on the given issue of concern. The introduction shows the reason for, the amount of, and those to which the penalty should be applied for not handling their guns in the recommended manner (Heilbronn, 2016). You have rightfully connected the careless storage of guns to massive shootings which have claimed a significant number of people. According to Fransen, Baxter-Jones and Woodcock (2018), the readers will, therefore, be able to connect the importance of your article with its importance.

Your argument on the emerging issues on the same is critical and this is a proper way to provide analysis of a paper. On the same note, you have indicated what the citizens feel of the government's action, and what you personally understand of the move. Furthermore, you have included a link to the article for further reading of the given article. Besides, you have listed other works to show that you recognize their respective authors.


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