Essay Sample Analyzing the Impact of COVID-19 on Trucking Businesses

Published: 2024-01-15
Essay Sample Analyzing the Impact of COVID-19 on Trucking Businesses
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The transportation and delivery of commodities is a critical aspect of business operations. The trucking company is essential in the freight and logistical management of products to different destinations. However, the trucking business is faced with several logistical and management challenges that threaten its efficient operations. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the operations of the trucking business. The paper analyzes the progress of the trucking business in the state of Colorado during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Purpose of the Study

The information on the research is provided by the consumers, the retailers, and the truck drivers who engage in the commodities' daily deliveries and product consumption. The purpose of the article is to analyze the viability of carrying out a trucking business in Colorado relative to the people's social and economic demands. The trucking business in the state of Colorado is an ample employment opportunity for the locals. It also offers a chain of delivery for the companies and wholesalers. It draws different people in different sectors with different experiences to carry out the business effectively.

The trucking business's reliability in Colorado has made it one of the state's principal economic projects. It has an efficient human resource management system that ensures the timely placement of orders and proper deliveries to various destinations. Customer service is critical in the trucking business as it helps shape the business's reputation in the market.

Quantitative Research

The accuracy of the information on the trucking business is best obtained through a quantitative research strategy. The research analyzes the trucking and freight operators' opportunities, and their trending policy adoptions to cover for the government restrictions on social movements. The research feasibly outlines the conditions essential for carrying out a trucking business in Colorado during the pandemic. Such will give a clear picture of the objectives of the research. The research quantitatively analyses the trucking companies' strategies during the coronavirus pandemic to carry out their business. It involves the adoption of logistical management into social restrictions. The data obtained is based on two trucking companies' responses which share similar experiences in the trucking business environment's unprecedented change. The two companies reported an increasing trend in operations. The two companies both report the immediate need to adopt policy changes to their operations to cope with the current situation. The human resources had to be increased as the companies had to employ more drivers, logisticians, and data clerks to help process the orders placed by the clients. The data obtained compared the trucking operations before the coronavirus's emergence and the periods within the pandemic.

Progress and the Pandemic

According to Abram's article, "Successful Business Research," the coronavirus pandemic's emergence has adversely affected economic activities and business. The social movements' restrictions, closure of social events, closure of various companies, and government lockdowns have devastated the trucking business (Abrams, 2002). The social restrictions led to low purchase power translating to low order placements and low consumptions on the consumers. It was essential for trucking businesses to adopt new strategies to weather challenging economic times and maintain their operations despite the challenges. The trucking companies still managed to deliver the commodities to their customers to various destinations despite restricting social movements. Domestic commodities are essential for human utilization despite the social restrictions, so the trucking business remained relevant and essential in the transportation and delivery of critical commodities. As a result, the business of trucking thrived in the coronavirus era. Restricting movements enhanced the trucking business's operation scope to bridge the gap by delivering the commodities that were previously delivered by the individuals. Therefore, the pandemic enhanced the operations of the trucking business.

Logistics in Trucking Companies

The high demand for the commodities during the coronavirus led to the restructuring of the trucking businesses' logistical management. The freight and order placements' planning was changed to suit the government's conditions to reduce the pandemic's escalation. The control of the goods' movements was to be in line with the government's correct time. However, the trucks that carried goods and other commodities, had no time limit in movement. Logistics forms an essential aspect of product deliveries and distribution. It ensures the commodities' success and safety from the warehouse to the transit and the final distribution points. Formulating the logistics in trucking during the pandemic should focus on the safety and timeliness of the products and the employees, respectively.

Evaluation and Recommendations

The information gathered from the respondents while carrying out the research was reliable. Most of the respondents gave almost similar responses to their views and perceptions on the trucking business in the state of Colorado (Robbins et al., 2020). The research would be appropriate for the companies to increase the number of employees to cope with the orders' growing demands. The company had to make its delivery systems so flexible to reach every place of the order destinations. The timeliness and reliability are to be enhanced to address the urgency of the commodities. Some of the products in transit are essential for human use; therefore, their timely deliveries would be critical. The trucking companies needed to establish a web-based business platform where the orders could be placed without the physical walk into the companies' warehouses. The company employees are exposed to the infection by their nature of movements to different parts of the country making deliveries. The employees must undergo some on-the-job orientations for their safety as they will be traveling to different parts of the country delivering goods.

Strategies for a Successful Research Project

The correctness of the research is necessary for identifying the topic to be researched. The trucking business in Colorado. The quantitative analysis reflected the real situation of the booming business in trucking across the state of Colorado. The business has become an essential part of survival as many people depend on it for their daily deliveries and consumptions. The industries also depend on trucking businesses to distribute their commodities to the markets.

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has caused an imbalance in the business platforms (Nicola et al., 2020). It has devastated several businesses. On the other hand, it has favored some. In the case of the trucking business, it has experienced an unprecedented boost. People depend on manufactured goods for daily use. Therefore, with good human resource management and proper logistical planning, the trucking business can be profitable during the pandemic period. It is vital in the supply and distribution of commodities.


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