Essay Sample about Adidas' Content Marketing in Social Media

Published: 2022-07-15
Essay Sample about Adidas' Content Marketing in Social Media
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The Adidas Brands

Adidas group maintains a brand that believes in sports. The Adidas group mission is to be the best sports brand in the world. The social media marketing therefore mainly targets the youth. The group's brand also connects with individuals whose heart is with sports. The group maintains four brands namely Adidas, Reebok, Rockport and Taylor all of which has different target clients. Adidas has maintained a strong focus on building a strong brand image through products and design innovations. The different brands also maintain high/low pricing strategies. Since the brand is driven by energy, the promotional campaigns are designed on themes of energy. The promotional campaign use series of videos with famous players and other categories of ambassadors. The company uses the social media and its website to deepen the connection with clients as well as other stakeholders. The social media activities have therefore attracted worth attention. The Adidas original brand is more of a fashion as compared to Adidas which is a sports and athletic brand.

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Adidas content marketing

Adidas content marketing involves the use of videos and social media posts. The Adidas brand uses content marketing as a strategic marketing process through the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent online content to attract and retain the existing clients. The major target audience includes athletes, fashion lovers, fitness enthusiasts, trendsetters and fashion stores. The goals and objectives of the content marketing include increasing brand awareness, expanding user base, increasing content reach and improving engagement and social discussions. The social content created is authentic, shared at a good time, is native to specific social media platform and also engage in social listening. The content is also designed to listen and engage the clients.

Industry competition

Nike and Puma brands are identified as the main competition for Adidas brands and products. The industry lacks the price differential advantages, and it is therefore easy for clients to shift from one product to the other. The majority of the target clients including the sports and athletic markets are more of quality sensitive as compared to price sensitivity. The content marketing would, therefore, seek to improve brand personality. Another challenge to the potential shift to competitors is availability. The content marketing program is therefore designed to ensure that products are properly distributed and available to the clients. Nike as the main competitor has a market share of 33%.

Adidas social competitive analysis

The biggest competitor for Adidas Company is Nike Inc (Bischoff, 2017). By the end of April 2018, Adidas group had approximately 19.5 million followers on Instagram followers as compared to 77.1 million followers for Nike Company. Adidas Company had more Facebook followers than its competitor, Nike Inc. however; Nike Inc had more followers than the Adidas Company on twitter as analysed below. Adidas likes on Facebook were more than those of Nike company.

Social Media Followers Likes Followers Likes
Instagram 19.5 million 700 (posts) 77.1million 688 posts
Facebook 33.6 million 33.5 million 30.3 million 30.5 million
Twitter 3.9 million 17,300 tweets 7.4 million 34,000 tweets

Adidas Facebook posts

Adidas Company uses Facebook to generate awareness of the latest products. The Facebook platform provides a tool for sharing inspiring content with an objective to promote sales and engage clients (Berge, and Gaede, 2017). The Facebook platform makes it possible for the platform to display the brand as reliable. The target clients include sports enthusiasts, fitness gurus, parents, youths and older generations. The group also uses its Facebook accounts to post video promotion ads such as inspiring sports contents. The Facebook platform strategy is to create at least five posts in a single week. The hashtags for the Facebook content include #adidasreigningchamp and #heretocreate.


Adidas group maintains Instagram accounts to create awareness and buzz involving the introduced products. The Instagram accounts provide an opportunity to share contents focused on particular communities thus fostering engagement. The target clients include millennials, younger generations, colleges and schools athletes, fashion gurus and fitness enthusiasts.

The posting cadence for the Instagram account is at least five times per week using hashtags such as #Adidas and #AlphaBounce.

The type of content for Instagram platform includes videos displaying sports, inspiration stories, fashion and communities. Instagram content also includes photos of influencers and new products and collections. Instagram platforms also provide an opportunity for trending fashions, exclusive sneak-peak stories and images.


The Twitter platform is used for engaging clients in conversations. The conversations are used for understanding the client's affinities through constructive discussions. The target audience for the Instagram account includes sports fans, school and college athletes, fashion enthusiasts and white collar workers. Twitter accounts also contain contents such as photos of athlete influencers, sponsorships and release date announcements. The twitter account is also used to post videos relating to sports, new products and athletic communities.

The posting cadence for twitter platform is a strategy for at least one to two times in a day. The posting would include hashtags such as #heretocreate, #yeezy and #AlphaBounce.

The Adidas YouTube channel and videos

The Adidas group is known to work with talents to create content that designed specifically for YouTube. Examples of such talents include football stars such as Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba. The brand's content is planned six months. YouTube content is created on a regular basis and contains a call-to-action for the audience. The Adidas brand content is created according to the passions of the target audience. The Adidas brand content is created strategically to gain trust and improve the relationship with its audience.

Youtube videos available at

Adidas B2C content themes

Adidas group has previously included competitions themes such as world cup and NBA finals. The group's theme would also include youth communities and hashtags such as #kicksoftheweek.

The B2B content strategy

The B2B strategy would involve the use of departmental and shoe stores. The departmental stores selected would include Nordstrom, Macy's Models etc. the shoe stores would include footlocker, champs etc. the B2B content marketing strategies would use different tones and voices. The tones include reliable, genuine, inspirational and industry leadership. The voice selected should be informative, professional, creative and direct.

A professional brand voice would appear to be authentic, reliable and should depict the Adidas as an industry leader. The professional voice would display the brand personality and core values. The brand content should, however, avoid over-professionalism that should make the brand to appear inauthentic. A direct voice would seem to be straightforward and concise and hence displaying the differences between the Adidas brand and that of the competitors. A direct voice would also include any important information such as release dates. A direct voice would also focus on sales only. An informative voice would provide all the brand details including those required by retailers to make buying and selling information. The activities in such a case would include creating a buzz around new products and keeping the important information as a secret. An informative voice would avoid too much information. The creative voice should display the exceptional features of the Adidas brand. The creative voice would be expected to showcase the new features, lines and product launches. However, the creative voice should avoid a direct downplay of a competitor.

The roles and audience of Social media platforms during the B2B content marketing

Under the B2B content marketing platform, each of the social media platforms would have different audiences and roles. The potential audience for the Twitter platform would include departmental stores, exclusive shoe stores, sports stores, online retailers and distributors. The role of the twitter account would include engaging in conversation with other brands. The target brands would include product stores where products can be purchased after their launching. The type of contents for the Twitter platform would remain both video campaigns and photos.

Under the B2B content marketing program, the Instagram accounts would have the competitors, distributors, departmental stores and brands as the target audience. The role of the Instagram account would be to generate the appropriate awareness and buzz around the new products launched. The Instagram account would also share the community-based content. The Instagram account content would include videos of products design and details. The Instagram marketing content would also include photos of influencers using the products as well as the design and trending fashions and collections. The Instagram marketing content should also include stories of finished goods and exclusive sneak-peaks. The Facebook platform would be designed to create the awareness of the launched products. The Facebook platform would be designed for a pull strategy for encouraging retailers to make more purchases. The target audience for the platform would include departmental stores, sports stores, online retailers and distributors. The content for the Facebook platform would include videos and photos. The videos would be the best platforms for athletes and influencers. The Facebook photos would display new products, collections and latest features of the products. The photos would also include new release dates and any partnerships.

The themes for B2B content would include Adidas brand products differentiation, leadership in the industry and fashion. The B2B marketing initiative is labelled a Game Plan A.

The content marketing strategies

The group presents already well-established products in the market. The brand is built by a great passion for sports and athletic lifestyle. The main marketing strategy for the Adidas group is product differentiation (Lagnese, 2017). The group also adopts Porter's generic strategies which identify the range of markets and their competition in the markets as the major choices that the group has to make. The Adidas group, therefore, identifies market focus, cost leadership and differentiation as the major pillars of the content marketing strategies. The market focus includes target clients who are mainly in sports and athletics industry. The target age groups include individuals aged between 20-30 years. The group also places a more focus on major sports like football, basketball, sports training and running.

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