Essay on Tyson Foods: Embracing Diversity and Faith in the Workplace

Published: 2023-11-15
Essay on Tyson Foods: Embracing Diversity and Faith in the Workplace
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The company that will be selected in this case is Tyson Foods. It has a wide range of religious affiliations, considering that the chaplains that the firm has employed are from diverse religious backgrounds. The firm has based its operations on Christian, Judaism, American Indian spirituality, and Muslim teachings. Its activities are not discriminatory, and it offers the workers a chance to express their opinions. The move to remain religious-affiliated has provided the firm with a chance to create a conducive working environment and establish a strong relationship with the clients in the market.

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The food products and services that are offered by this company are not significantly influenced by the religion of the company, considering that the firm is selling products like pork. In the Muslim religion, pork is one of the food elements that the faith does not allow its members to consume, yet it forms parts of Tyson Food’s menu. However, the services that they offer are based on religious teachings for the organizational culture is based on the elements of “faith-friendly” teachings.

The employees that are joining the company have their set of beliefs and values that they practice. When they join the company, they are accepted the way they are, and Tyson Foods does not discriminate against even the workers who are not “religious.” It respects everyone’s beliefs and opinions. Therefore, the company does not engage in discriminatory practices, for everyone is accepted at the workplace irrespective of their religious stand.

According to “Tyson Chaplains Lift Workers' Spirits,” the existence of the religious beliefs at Tyson Foods plays a critical role in lifting the spirits of the employees at the workplace. The corporate chaplaincy program helps the workers to handle matters relating to marital issues, the death of a close relative or friend, dealing with unhealthy siblings, and visa problems (Williams, 2015). It is an indication that the religious affiliation adopted by the organization is not having any adverse issues with the employees of the company.

The fact that the firm has managed to realize that these issues are not based on religion, but rather happen to anyone is an indication that it is working towards creating a conducive working environment. These life burdens are likely to lead to reduced output among the workers, and the desire to ensure that this does not happen makes Tyson Foods have a great workforce that is geared towards the realization of common goals.

The religious affiliations adopted by the company are not having any adverse effect on the clients, as highlighted in “Tyson Foods launches faith-friendly marketing campaign.” Customers are attracted to the way that the firm runs its operations for the employees are handling the customers effectively (Thompson, 2005). Additionally, the existence of marketing strategies that are religious-based is an indication that the company and the clients in the market are happy with the way that the company is running its affairs.

The company has not broken any law, for it is running its activities based on the teachings offered by the various religious affiliations that it is supporting. Additionally, it follows the legal guidelines that are stipulated in the United States Constitution. The firm has not found itself in controversies, and this is an indication that its religious affiliation process is working well.

The opinion held on the way that the company is operating is that it is giving its employees an opportunity to express their opinions. Over the years, Tyson Foods recruited even the workers who are considered to be not “religious” for the management beliefs that their personal decisions should always be respected. Therefore, the company is not discriminatory, and it is presenting its members with a chance to choose what they want in life.


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