Essay Example of Walt Whitman

Published: 2022-02-18
Essay Example of Walt Whitman
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The fundamental mission that Walt Whitman captures in his poem is encouraging the society to view the world in a different way than the most common analytical perspective. Whitman focuses on informing the human population to change their thinking about how they view and battle with issues on a real-time basis. For example, in the poem, "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer," Walt Whitman takes center stage in advocating for change based on the manner in which people tend to visualize their understanding of the world particularly with regards to roles which they are expected to play (Whitman). Consequently, Walt Whitman is determined to convince the readers that the world needs to be conceptualized from a naturalistic perspective rather than involving in deep analysis of figures to come up with solutions to issues. Ideally, people tend to perceive the world as so complicated by continuous innovations and creativity. In this connection, an analytical perspective of the poem, "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer," particularly the fifth line that is captured as "How soon unaccountable I became tired and sick," Whitman shows how the manner in which the generation is nurtured and disgusts him (Whitman). On the same note, the lecture tends to be boring for the speaker in the sense that it applies highly sophisticated analogies that depend on series of geometrical figures to solve very simple problems which affect the society.

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However, the mission of viewing the world in a different perspective based on the manner in which people should solve complex problems fusing simple techniques depends on a high level of creativity. Precisely, Whiteman takes the platform in the poem, "Song of Myself," to show the world that people should think of battling with the challenges that they encounter in real life through a high sense of enthusiasm that arises from songs. In this regard, creativity needs to form the main focus to establish a society that is more joyous, and that depends on the artistic nature of the human personality. For instance, in the poem, "Song of Myself," the first line that stands out as "I celebrate myself, and sing myself" Identifies the speaker to be an artist and a mystic individual (Whitman). Thus, coming up with the requisite modalities to change and shape the thinking of the human population relies on simple relies on simple naturalistic observation rather than the application of complex analytical figures. Therefore, it would be a lot easier and straightforward to influence the direction of the human mind through the use of poems and songs that use deep mathematical techniques.

Another most idealistic mission of Whitman as captured from the readings of his poems is encouraging people to dedicate all their efforts to build strong nations that are sustainable and will survive in the most dynamic and unpredictable in the foreseeable future. In this context, people who fight to protect the interest of the nation and its innocent citizen's needs to be accorded absolute respect and the necessary attention in a bid to establish a more united and peaceful country (Aapone). For example, in the poem, "The Wound Dresser," the speaker outlines the philosophical standpoint of living in harmony and appreciates the heroes for fighting battles to establish a united nation respects the fundamental human rights. The speaker encourages every person in whatever capacity to consider the fact that a more developed, peaceful and united nation does not just come out of the blues but is established through a continuous struggle. On the same note, in the poem, "The Wound Dresser," the speaker awards attention and medical care of the soldiers who fought the civil war with a lot of dignity and respect. For instance, given the first section of the poem that is presented as "To sit by the wounded and soothe them, or silently watch the dead" (Whitman). Therefore, Whitman focuses on encouraging people to treat heroes who protect and maintain the safety a nation with a high level of dignity.

Additionally, encouraging people to come together and build a peaceful nation relies on the ideology of reconciliation. In this regard, in as much as there may exist differences by conflict of interests between warring countries, it would be imperative that nations reconcile for the common good of their economic development, and for achieving sustainability. Whitman encourages nations to come together to establish an affirmative foundation for attaining progressive economic growth and development. For example, in the poem, "Reconciliation," Whiteman champions for the consideration of coming together as enemies to seal the wound that arose as a result of fighting a series of battles in society. Besides, in the poem, "Reconciliation," the fifth line that is captured as "For my enemy is dead - a man divine as myself is dead," Whitman identifies the sense of remorse that emerges as a result of the war. The line tends to open the mind of the human population to consider a bipartisan approach to end the adverse challenges that may affect the economic performance of nations and encourage disunity.

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