Essay Example on My Preferred Learning Styles

Published: 2019-09-24
Essay Example on My Preferred Learning Styles
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I have realized that learning can be a fun experience if you have the rightful strategies in place that will act as the blueprint for one's studies. Our teachers have always insisted on using various approaches and styles when it comes to learning different subjects in respect to our academics. Personally, I adore interpersonal approach in learning English. In class, our teacher has put us different discussion groups where we discuss and tackle different topics and exercises that in return compliment the learning of English. I have realized that these discussion groups are integral in shaping ones skills, especially when it comes to improving verbal techniques and logical thinking. All these aspects are important in learning of English. Personal reading is also another important style in learning English. I have a personal schedule where I revise and learn new topics in English. From these personal studies, I normally end up learning a lot as well as identifying areas that I can consult my teacher.

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Week Two: My language learning goals. Whenever I embark on learning English, I am always focused on achieving various goals. It follows that in learning English, I have an objective of developing approaches in planning writing. In general, my main goal of learning the English language is to be able to write, speak, read and listen in English. In order to achieve these goals, I have decided to take one day at a time. I acknowledge that I cannot attain these goals in one day, hence, I have been patient in following the schedules and the syllabus strictly that will help me achieve these goals. Personal reading and consultations from my teachers are also part of the strategies that I have applied to help me reach these goals. In my personal studies, I am able to outline areas that difficult, which form the basis of consulting my English teacher.

Week Three: Recording and learning Vocabulary.

I have realized that in order to be an eloquent speaker and be able to converse in English with ease, one need to acclimatize himself to different vocabularies in English. Personally, I value learning of new vocabularies as a way of enhancing my eloquence as well as writing skills. As part of my English learning, I have made it be a routine to learn at least five vocabularies on the daily basis. This involves finding their respective meaning and eventually learning how they are used or applied in different context. In order to understand these vocabularies more, it is imperative to record them, implying that they can be revised later during personal studies. Personally, I have a booklet that is dedicated to the recording of new vocabularies. Recording of these vocabularies in the booklet are vital since especially when undertaking my English personal studies.

Week Four: The progress.

I have to acknowledge that learning English is a process that ought to be mastered and managed well in order to achieve the targeted goals and objectives. When managed well, learning of English is adventurous, fun and demanding. For instance, when I reflect on the progress I have made as far as learning is concerned, I realize that I have covered and learned a lot. I can confidently claim that I have transformed and enlightened, courtesy of learning English. I remember, not long ago I was not able to converse fluently in English. I was also not able to construct English sentences that are up to expected English standards. However, with vigorous learning activities and exercises, I have since improved my abilities in writing, reading, listening and conversing in English, which is a huge step in learning English.

Week Five and Six: Essential of interpersonal reading.

Apparently, it is never easy to work alone. In a class, the student cannot make it working as a loner but rather, we need each other to accomplish our goals. This has been attested in English learning where we have utilized the techniques of the interpersonal learning. Group work has been an essential tool when it comes to tackling various hard exercises and activities when learning English. A task might be perceived to be hard, but through the contributions of each group member, the task is broken down into lesser complex forms, hence tackled with ease. Once a task has been posted on the blackboard, each and every student is concerned about finding something substantial to contribute. Such contributions have been essential in enhancing my English learning process.

Week Seven: Comment on the progress.

At this juncture, I am a half way as far as coverage of the English syllabus is concerned. Up to this juncture, we have covered various components and tasks which have been part and parcel of learning English. As the course progresses, I must acknowledge that I have been able to learn different aspects of English language that have been integral in boosting my learning of English especially in writing, reading, listening and conversing in English. My literacy levels in these areas have improved remarkably. Despite this improvement, it is imperative on my part to continue polishing some of my weak areas that have hampered as well as slowing my progress in learning the English language. Writing essays, use of rightful grammar and some parts of literature have been a blight in my progress of learning the English language. Despite these setbacks, I still harbor hopes that with the rightful attitude, approach and strategies, I will be able to overcome them and achieve y set goals in learning of English.

Week eight: Experiences in learning English.

Apparently, learning English is an adventurous and a very demanding process. One ought to be disciplined in various aspects of learning in order to have a smooth progress. I have been forced to adhere to myriad guidelines and requirements that have since helped me in understanding different concepts in English. Apart from interpersonal reading through group work, consulting teachers has also played a crucial role in my English learning process. Whenever I was stuck in a particular task, I either emailed my teacher or took an initiative of meeting him in person in order to give me more insights on what am supposed to do. Such approach has been beneficial to me since I have been able to learn a lot.

Week Nine: Areas I enjoyed in learning English.

It being an adventurous experience, there were some areas in learning of English that were pleasant to me. Creative writing is an area I adored most when it came to learning most. This activity gave us an opportunity to use our abilities to come up with moving and appealing tales that were meant to improve our writing abilities. I happen to be the beneficiary of this class activity since my creativity in writing as well as other aspects of English such as reading and listening have since improved in a remarkable manner. It is through these appealing experiences that made me be animated with creative writing lessons.

Week ten: Challenges of learning English.

Learning English is full of challenges that ought to be managed well in order to get to overcome them. Learning new English concepts have been tricky on my part. Sometimes I felt discouraged because I thought I had given my best only for the tests to come out, indicating that I have failed terribly. While making contributions in group work, my points were often discarded because they were not substantial enough as part of the solution to the given tasks. Some vocabularies were also hard not only to understand them but also in using them correctly in different contexts. However, I was able to overcome these challenges by remaining focused in my English studies.

Week 11: Evaluation of my language and academic skills.

As the syllabus draws close to its conclusion, I have realized that I have gained a lot in English learning. This can be attested in my abilities to write, read, listen and converse in English. My English tests have improved remarkably despite the struggles that characterized my initial experiences of learning the English language. Initially, I was not able to converse in English due to my limitations when it comes to the use of different kinds of vocabularies; this is not the case now since I have a horde of vocabularies to use as the result of intensive studies in the English language. In the course of my English learning, I encountered various challenges such as introduction to the new English concepts as well as grammar. These challenges threatened to derail my progress in learning English but I was able to devise new strategies that were vital in overcoming such challenges.

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