Essay Example on Leadership and Leadership Development

Published: 2022-06-14
Essay Example on Leadership and Leadership Development
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Discuss the keys to effectively managing leadership development at each of the following levels: a first-line supervisor, a middle manager, a senior manager, and the President/CEO.

A first-line supervisor requires adequate training for the development of their talent as well as skills so that they may offer the best of leadership and management services. Practice, in this case, entails development of supervisory skills so that their leadership management may be developed effectively (Bjornberg & Feser, 2015). However, first-line supervisors have a significant role they play in the leadership management of an organization. This entails dealing with any of the employee related problems which comprises complaints, absenteeism or low turnover.

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Training is also required to engage the middle managers so that they may emerge out successfully in their leadership management. For instance, there are five important keys to consider in this case. They include starting with the end in mind to ensure that all middle managers efficiently identify all the important business drivers so that a company may attain success (Bjornberg & Feser, 2015). Secondly, middle management talent profile should be provided to ensure that a middle manager is well aware of their roles, expectations by the company and the personal attributes to promote to offer the best of leadership roles.

Thirdly, middle managers should ensure to develop the right skills correctly to improve regarding leadership qualities. Fourthly, the transition of the middle managers to their new role should be well supported (Bjornberg & Feser, 2015). Lastly, an organization should ensure to motivate and inspire all middle managers so that they may be in a better situation to meet their business needs.

The most critical skills of a senior manager are strategic planning and employee development. These skills should always be developed so that it becomes more comfortable for the organization to manage the leadership roles of a senior manager. Hence, a senior manager should still maintain a good relationship with all employees so that the company may succeed in its entire leadership department (Bjornberg & Feser, 2015). To be the best senior manager, one should ensure to identify all areas which need to be evaluated or somewhat corrected so that they may stay relevant in the leadership management of the organization.

Lastly, leadership development is also essential for the president/CEO of an organization for it to be successful. The vital keys, in this case, include expansion of the entire leaders in the organization so that the CEO may be in a better position to execute their skills in leadership. CEO leadership management entails critical roles which they have to play in the organization for the strategic planning to remain relevant(Bjornberg & Feser, 2015). In this case, a CEO should ensure first to develop their leaders and provide to correct any mistakes which are underway in the organization so that their efforts may lead to the success of the organization.

Compare and contrast strategic leadership and operational leadership, explaining which type of leadership is essential for the long-range survival and growth of an entrepreneurial organization and why.

Strategic leadership entails the definition of the vision and mission of an organization, development of strategies to achieve the mission and vision and finally the creation of social and technical systems to address the customers' and employees' needs (American Society for Quality, 2018). On the other hand, operational leadership entails ensuring that all organizational processes run out effectively, performance monitoring, problem addressing and finally provision of authority to the employees so that they may compete for their roles successfully (ASQ, 2018).

A similarity between the two types of leadership is that they are both directed towards an effective leadership management strategy at the organization so that there may be an amicable understanding between the leadership managers and the employees (ASQ, 2018). Another similarity is that both leadership strategies look out for the implementation of the initial goals and objectives of an organization.

For a long-range survival and growth of an entrepreneurial organization, operational leadership is the best. This is because an entrepreneurial organization needs every-day checking of how business operations are being carried out so that evaluation may be carried out. Also, an entrepreneurial organization requires strict monitoring of performance so that changes may be done where necessary for success to be attained (ASQ, 2018). Lastly, addressing all problems that are faced during the business operations is quite essential because it helps with the implementation stage which recovers the wasted time and replaces it with better business operations.

Discuss the most common style of leadership used by effective leaders of larger companies (Stage III and beyond) and explain why this style of leadership is used.

The most common leadership style of leadership used by effective leaders of larger companies is the transformational leadership. Transformational leaders motivate and inspire their subordinates to be the best of leaders within an organization. These types of leaders are best suited for large companies (American Express, 2018). They possess values which guide them through their leadership so that they may be authentic enough to utilize their best of skills in knowledge and traits. This is a typical style of leadership which is applied in most large organizations because it is believed to motivate the employees to deliver the best of their skills and knowledge towards the success of the company.

Additionally, transformational leaders have a versatile leadership approach in which they use in times of bad leadership or challenges so that they may gain more expertise to offer in the organization. Also, they have the best of personalities which can accommodate all the other employees to ensure that they work together amicably and in the best way possible (AE, 2018). This provides that their traits are well adopted by the rest of the employees to reflect in the overall performance of the organization. Most organizations take these characteristics to ensure that they remain competitive in the global market and their products attain the best of customer reception for better profit margins.


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