Essay Example on Hong Kong and Its Community

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on Hong Kong and Its Community
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Hong Kong remains as the place for the administrative purposes for the region of China. It remains to be among the best cities in the world, thus relayed as being the gateway to the great nation of China. The economy of Hong Kong continues to be among the most thriving due to its investments and the carrying out of international trade. We, as the community living around the Hong Kong city, remains to adore our city since it remains as a cosmopolitan city that involves the heritage of culture, trade, and the business. The essence of linking being a world-class city relies on the aspect of linking the weaves of Asian and western influence. The sovereignty of Hong Kong was transferred from the U.K to China in the year 1997 under the agreement of one nation, two systems. The deal was firmly based on the making of Hong Kong is a high place of economic matters as far as the defense is exempted for 50 years.

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The community living around Hong Kong enjoys the tourist sites it owns, for instance, the Kowloon, island of Hong Kong, and the group of new territories. The people of our community relay their relations to the tourists through the social aspects and the essence it displays for more comprehension of the different aspects of our culture. The presence of fragrant Harbor demonstrates the spirit of Hong Kong success as the place of finance and international trade to be conducted swiftly. The people live harmoniously and welcome all other communities to celebrate and perform their activities peacefully, thus offering an eco-friendly environment for performing businesses. The community that is more dependent than the other is the Chinese, followed by the Filipino and the Indonesians. The language that we the community of the Hong Kong city relays a lot to the trivial of the business since it majorly lies in English language and a little essence of the dialect of Cantonese of Chinese.

The members of our community get to recognize and realize one another through the essence of speaking the same language which is English and also the core of most of the population sharing same religion of Taoism and the Buddhism of religions. The other reason that holds the community into one community is the essence of having the Hong Kong city as a sovereign and thus serving all of Asia. Hong Kong remains to be the region of a particular administration, thus giving all the powers to the essence of all the aspects of creating more interrelations. Moreover, other facts help the community of Hong Kong to remain in a more together form, and this is the reason of having a government that has its own freedom of governing its social and financial affairs. Although the Hong Kong democracy is limited, the governance of the defense affairs remains to be controlled by the People's Republic of China, thus helping in harmonization and control of various effects.

The community remains to be very candid of the essence Hong Kong is thriving towards the support of the population in the carrying out of various functions to help in changing the society. The society of Hong Kong remains to be very passionate and energetic with its sixth-rated in the world as having the highest life expectancy of 81 years. When compared to the U.S, it remains to be highly rated, thus showing that the city cares for its people, thus helping the people and the community as a whole.

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