Essay Example on High Performing Work Team Analysis

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on High Performing Work Team Analysis
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In most of the organizations working members are kept in groups to improve productivity and increase their rate of working. This is since work that is done by one individual will be twice when many people handle the job as their work rate is high. In this context, therefore, our primary focus will be on teams that are performing highly and get to identify various aspects that would help improve my team that is poorly performing.

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Firstly, is the knowledge of the mission. This is basically on the reason as to why the organization exists, several goals that the firm aims to achieve, its field of operation, and the kind of product and services it deals with. Through this, one will be able to know what is expected of him or her in the organization. Apart from that, he or she will also be able to understand how his or her performance impact on the business. That is whether positive or negative giving the room for improvement (Church & Waclawski, 2017). Therefore, by any chance, the members of the team get to comprehend what a mission is and what it entails, this will help in the improvement of the team's performance. That is, group members will know their purpose and what is expected of them at the end of the day. Through this, they will be able to carry out their tasks without having to be pushed or making the rest of the members fill their gaps while they are doing other kinds of stuff not associated with the firm. Nonetheless, this would make working together entertaining as the members get to comprehend each other learning weaknesses and strengths of one another, thus getting to help each other when they experience difficulties.human res

Another thing that we could learn from this is the issue of goals. A goal is purposely what an individual aim to achieve at the end of a particular task. Therefore, in the case of goals there is the issue of motivation, if the team members comprehend the actual purpose they aim to accomplish, part on the quality of work the team renders and how effective they are and whether the goals they have match the goals of the organization (Katzenbach & Smith, 2015). Hereby, this would help create an agenda for the team. That is members of the group would come up with what they want to do for the firm or if there is something the organization has set for them; they would use it as their primary agenda. That way, they will be able to serve their purpose to the organization, which would help in improving group members performance.

When it comes to the roles, it is the part that an individual play in an organization or the team. The main aim of a team is for the work to be split so as different people can get to work on it, improving the time at which the work will be finished and its quality. This means that every individual in a team will have a different role to attend to complete the intended job (Hysong, Francis & Petersen, 2019, p.409). Through this, therefore, my team members would learn their different roles in the team, and how they would go about the purposes, they are given. Thus, this would help in maintaining a clear focus to accomplish the task and be productive to the group. Apart from that, each group member will comprehend what is expected of him or her by other group members facilitating working hard so as not to destroy the morale of the rest of the members. With this, the team's performance towards the organization would get to improve since each knows the task they are supposed to accomplish at the end of the day.

For the team to accomplish its goals and dreams, there must be a certain way through which they carry out their activities. For instance, in an organization, there must be a way through which employees are treated equally regardless of their levels, how employees get feedback of the work they are doing to know where to improve and put more effort. In case of a problem, there are means through which the situation is handled to come up with the right solution and different ways to carry out activities such as meetings and making of essential dates. These are some of the procedure that the team should acquire to improve its performance, making it useful in the firms (De Jong, Dirks & Gillespie, 2016). That is the leader should take his or herself equal to the members when carrying out different tasks which will help in improving the morale of various individuals in the group. Apart from that, each member should be included in decision making, which will help ensure that they are all aware of changes that were made leaving everyone with no excuse for not adhering what they agreed on.

Another thing that the team would acquire from the survey is the need for a good relationship with each other. A good example is whereby in any case members of the group do not agree to the idea of one of the members this would not make the individual stop expressing the way he or she thinks the group would handle a particular situation (Parmenter, 2015). This is because the individual feels the other members respect him or her for taking their time to listen and decide whether that is the best way to handle the situation they are discussing or not. Apart from that, due to the excellent relationship among the group members, they will be able to complement each other, which will help in morale development. With this, members can work together, which helps in improving the performance of the team hence making the team successful in meeting its accomplishments.

On the other hand, effectiveness is another part that the team could use learning. The rate at which the team can complete its tasks with the required measurement pleasing consumers is necessary when it comes to its performance (Pearce, 2018). For instance, a good team can complete its duties before the deadline, always fulfills missions' purpose, when it comes to the meetings, they are still efficient and end up successful, and when it comes to comparison with other teams, it is always noted as the best. Therefore, in the case of my team, which is performing poorly, these are some of the qualities that it should adapt to ensure we are relevant in the organization. For example, the aspect of finishing a task before the set time would allow us to check and find whether the work we have done meets the requirements or what the organization wants which would help us submit the final product that is well done.

The part of satisfaction could also be useful to my team. That is how people feel when they are doing various tasks with the team. If not happy with the role given this means that the individual is not satisfied, and something must be done since someone should be at the position where he or she is comfortable (Armstrong, 2018). In the case the person is put to the area he or she is comfortable, it means he will get to work perfectly, which will improve his morale motivating the rest of the members in the team. In the case, each is satisfied and happy with the position he or she is taking in the group, the results of the work being done will improve since they are working willingly and not being forced. This will help in making the team outstanding when it comes to comparison with other groups.In a group of people working together, there will always be a conflict since the members of the group will not entirely agree in each matter they are discussing. Therefore, in case of a disagreement, the members should ensure that they come up with a solution that favors everybody. Apart from that, they should ensure that they listen to each other so as they know how everybody feels, which will give them the way forward. In the case of my team with this aspect, it will be able to be productive, which will help in improving its performance, thus being among the best groups.

Therefore from the above context one can conclude that for a team's performance to be exemplary the group members need to comprehend their roles, goals, mission, various procedures they could use to carry out their tasks, an excellent form of relationship among each other, being effective ensuring everybody in the group is satisfied and various ways of solving conflicts.


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