Essay Example on Brewing Triumph: The Brooklyn Brewery Saga Unveiled in 'Beer School'

Published: 2023-11-09
Essay Example on Brewing Triumph: The Brooklyn Brewery Saga Unveiled in 'Beer School'
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The Brooklyn Brewery is a significantly popular investment in New York, founded by Tom Potter and Steve Hindy in 1988. The business did not start on such a high note as the two entrepreneurs initially had other jobs, which they quit to follow their newly found dream, of running a brewery. According to their book entitled “Beer School: Bottling Success At The Brooklyn Brewery,” Hindy had learned the art of beer brewing from his numerous travels and his six-year-long stay in the Middle East. He stayed in countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, after which he came back to Brooklyn, joined hands with his neighbor, Potter, and started the brewing business (Hindy and Tom 5). Their success was gradual as it involved engaging many different players such as the Matt Brewing Company, and Malton Glaser, among many others. Steve Hindy and Tom Potter’s efforts eventually bore fruits after many years of hard work, acquiring new properties, and engaging new players in the business over the years.

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The Subjects and Key Players

The two individuals, Tom Potter and Steve Hindy, are considered the backbone and the brains behind the now-famous brewing empire in New York City. However, they got help from various individuals who have contributed tremendously to the success of the Brooklyn Brewery. Among them is Milton Glaser, who was responsible for creating a suitable logo for the newly established business to attract more clients. Consequently, he created the famous “I Love New York” campaign logo to give an identity to the investment. In return, he was rewarded for his contribution with a share in the company. Apart from this logo, he has become an icon in America for his work as a graphics designer, as well as his contribution to the business and technology sectors.

In the same light, the Matt Brewing Company counts as another critical player in the success of the Brooklyn Breweries. Essentially, they were the original brewers for Steve and Tom before they could fully establish their firm. They drafted a contract that allowed the Matt Brewing Company to officially brew their beer while the pair came up with a distribution company. Subsequently, they marketed and transported all the brewed beer to retailers such as bars all over New York City. This all happened before the entrepreneurs acquired what was formerly Matzo Factory in Williamsburg, which they successfully converted into an actual brewery in 1996. Even so, the brewing was still done on contract since the Williamsburg brewery was unable to meet the demand, the cost benefits that came with contract brewing as well as the lack of a bottling line.

Failures and Successes

While the company sought to expand with time, they were initially unable to find a site that would be suitable for their business in the borough. Fortunately, an economic recession in 2009 enabled the two business partners to remain in their homeland and successfully make a $6.5 million expansion on their investment. The partners also managed to bring on board Garrett Oliver as their brewmaster in 1994, which is considered a success due to his tremendous achievements. His first such appointment was in 1993 at the Manhattan Brewing Company in New York, where he had started professional brewing as an apprentice in 1989. He was also a successful author, having published books such as "The Brewmaster's Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food." Additionally, Oliver has been a judge for over ten years at the Great American Beer Festival, which means that he is an essential asset to the company.

Management and Leadership

Under the leadership of Tom and Steve, the company has made remarkable progress towards becoming the success that it is today. The organization later got into an agreement with the Carlsberg Group to be their beer’s official distributor in Hong Kong, the UK, and Europe. They have also facilitated licensing for Carlsberg to produce Brooklyn Lager in their craft brewery in Lithuania. In the same light, the company’s marketing team has adopted a more unconventional method to advertise. For instance, they depend more on brand visibility, word of mouth, and sponsorships and donations to nonprofit organizations. In my opinion, this is a feasible strategy considering that many companies rely on conventional modes of advertisement. Arguably, such methods can place the brewery at an advantage and even attract important players who may help in the company’s growth.

Materials Presented

Looking at the materials presented in Steve and Tom’s book “Beer School: Bottling Success At The Brooklyn Brewery,” there is a lot of wisdom on startups and business structures. The primary element foregrounded in this tale is an accurate account of the good luck and sheer determination necessary for one to nurture and invest from its conception, all the way to maturity. Essentially, the book presents two hardworking and determined individuals who would stop at nothing to achieve their dreams. Surprisingly, they decided to start up a business in a town that was gradually being abandoned, leaving behind old warehouses as investors moved to more promising places (Hindy and Tom 36). They drew their inspiration from the fact that although Brooklyn seemed to be a dying town, it had a rich tradition of brewing. The two still held on to the belief that the town was more than just an address, rather, it was an attitude, a spirit, an identity (Hindy and Tom 2). Rightfully so, they say that ten years since the brewery was established, Brooklyn beer has become a tremendous success.

The book encompasses various thoughts and ideas that can provide the necessary guidance for budding entrepreneur in their attempt at small business success. For instance, partnering with a like-minded individual shows that there is a possibility of success when people work together. I tend to agree with the idea that despite the uncertainty of whether or not a business will bring success, quitting one’s job is not always a wrong move (Hindy and Tom 12). If the two investors had chosen to remain in the comfort of their careers and keep a steady but little income, the Brooklyn Brewery would never have come to be. I liked the way the two authors tell the story systematically to show the reader that success is not a one-day venture as it takes time and hard work to be where one wants to be. I would not say I like the fact that they eventually sold their business, after which they wrote the book that now tells the tale of how they became successful. In my opinion, they should have remained partners in the business and pushed it further as it bears the fruits of their labor.


In summary, Tom Potter and Steve Hindy will always remain a force to reckon with due to the successful establishment of the Brooklyn Brewery. In their book entitled “Beer School: Bottling Success At The Brooklyn Brewery,” They talk of their journey from when they quit their jobs to their eventual business success. Their insights are useful, especially to budding entrepreneurs, because they have been in it long enough to know the possible loopholes. For instance, they tend to discourage investors from approaching banks and venture capitalists for business funding, drawing from their experiences (Hindy and Tom 16). Observably, one must believe in oneself and have faith in business partners and other stakeholders for them to make it big in business.

Work Cited

Hindy, Steve, and Tom Potter. Beer school: Bottling success at the Brooklyn Brewery. John Wiley & Sons, 2007.

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