Essay Example on How to Reduce Stress for Students

Published: 2019-12-20
Essay Example on How to Reduce Stress for Students
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Greater levels of stress may lead to handicaps in some students. The study results show that it has close ties between the emergence of learning burnout and academic stress. Nowadays students, who are facing fierce competence, are under great stress. Students stress is not only the situation in China but also occurred in the United States. According to NYU research on 19 private high schools, 49% students feel a lot of stress every day, 31% students feel somewhat stressed. Females reported significantly higher levels of stress than males (60% vs. 41%). The greatest sources of stress came from homework, grades, and preparing for both genders. A large number of minorities, 26% of the participants had significant levels of depression symptoms in the clinic (James).

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Students fear to frequent exams, tired of excessive homework, even some children suffering from test anxiety. Seriously affect their physical and mental health. Psychological problems caused by the academic stress have become the most severe problem among students. In 2013, according to a study published in the The Journal of Experimental Education from Stanford University, the researchers interviewed more than 4300 students about their views on homework. More than70% students said they were often or always stressed over schoolwork, more than 56% students think the homework is a primary stressor. Less than 1% students said homework was not a stressor (Levy).

Great stress also can cause students understanding and emotional distress, such as memory loss. According to Carey, One the other hand, it will reduce the study interests and perseverance. (Carey). In another investigation of math testing, therapists are reporting that serious exam pressure is entirely liable to hinder the execution of good students than unremarkable ones.

Students psychological stress will translate into a physiological effect. When stress begins interfering with the ability to portray a life that is normal for an extended period, it is rendered even more haphazard. The more drawn out the anxiety endures; the more regrettable it is for both your brain and body. You may feel tired, not able to focus or irritable for reasons unknown, for instance. But stress causes wear and tear on your body, too (Kiecolt and Glaser). In the study of Stanford University, the researchers surveyed whether students experienced physical symptoms of stress, such as exhaustion, headaches, weight loss, stomach problems, and sleep deprivation. 80% students reported that they had at least one stress-related symptom in the past month, and 44 said they had experienced more than three of the symptoms, (Levy).

Some people think that great stress is good for the students. They believe that the stress is the power. If they lost the stress, they would become lazy. For the students, the stress will make them become more efficient.

All in all, nowadays students are under great stress, which casts shadow on their childhood and even adolescence. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, we should give students more spare time, to enjoy life, to have closer touch with nature, and to spend more time to play and communicate with their peers and parents. When given time to enjoy and have fun, they tend to find pleasure in many activities including class work and studies.

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