Essay Example on Braaksma's Lessons Learned From the Assembly Line

Published: 2022-12-21
Essay Example on Braaksma's Lessons Learned From the Assembly Line
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Andrew Braaksma wrote about his experiences in an essay, "Sweating away my summers as a factory worker makes me more than happy to hit the books', concerning the assembly line. He begins by providing the reads with a brief overview regarding his world as a temporary factory worker and full-time student. The passage presents an effective background piece of information on his decisions to work in the factory relative to his fears as he considers himself a responsible adult. By referring to this passage, a reader is able to understand that the writer at any moment is well aware that choice on the factory life would be the best alternative he would desire. It is possible that Braaksma's thoughts on becoming a worker in the factory keep him motivated as it helps him to be able to balance his summer job as well as his school work as well as, and many lessons can be learned from this.

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Braaksma describes his work at the factory in a way that implies his unwillingness to have the kind of job on a lifetime basis. The writer states, "Sweating away my summers as a factory worker makes me more than happy to hit the books". This is a significant statement which shows that at least he had an enjoyable experience at the job; however, he do not like the work. It also sets the mood that the writer is creating in which he is looking forward to avoiding working in the factory for the whole of his life. Fortunately, Braaksma has the alternative of continuing with his education to get the job of his choice. On the same note, the statement is a way of motivating himself to continue with his education and only consider the job as part-time.

Braaksma was possibly having a hard time during the holiday and at the end of the vacation, he was happy to have some rest. He states that however much he chooses to work at home, his actual experiences at the job made life relatively difficult. He compares the kind of work he did at the factory to that of the classmates who chose to do some easier part-time job. On this note, he commented that even though life t home is a bit cheap, the factory job made it somehow difficult. This implies that he considers the end of the holiday as a moment in which he would be free once again.

College students value their time as a resource however, in real life context, they cannot achieve their imaginations provided they are still students. Braaksma argues that the work was too much however, the pay was too little bond his expectation. Nevertheless, since there are no many jobs, he is only left with the option to stick to it. He asserts that one's future in such an organization cannot be predicted and there is a possibility of losing or being transferred elsewhere where the compensation would be even lower than, as low as 60 cents a day. It, therefore, follows college students have no choice based on their imaginations and desires.


College students do not know their fate concerning as much they are still in school life. Their decision to work where they can some little money may not be fulfilled by getting the job of their choice. Since they do not know where they could land during their holidays, the resulting job could be very difficult; however, they have to persevere for the period they are contracted for having no option. Students, therefore, strategize to have a better future by considering their education more important. This is a way of ensuring that they do not work the factories for the whole of their lives.

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