Essay Example Evaluating Health Care Information System

Published: 2022-10-04
Essay Example Evaluating Health Care Information System
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Data feed into the systems are entered while observing the clinical norms and the user-defined criteria. The system shall provide the shortcuts directions for the keys for data entry. Database analysis, operations that are user programmable, data export to other packages and search is supported by the system. Confidentiality and systems security has ensured the insertion of passwords and audit trails that have been automated (CINAHL Information Systems, 2018). Therefore, it shall be only users that care authorized who can change functions of the menu, screen layouts if required and add other content.

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For consultations purposes and pattern encountering, all data is handled by the computer. It shall remain the sole data handler for specialized the nephrology outpatient's clinics and care. At the times of consultations of the outpatients, both the doctor the patients review data on the screen. Patients have been granted the chance to look at their records (Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems & International Medical Informatics Association, 2016). There is a plan for management and observations together with the prescriptions that the doctor feeds to the system.

Tests and reminders of the system are experienced on the screen concerning data stored, protocols guidelines and practices. For instance, the system continuously takes care of biochemistry test results, and when it realizes a failure in pretest renal failure, it reminds and gives the warning to prepare a possible corrective measure (Anderson, Aydin, & Jay, 1994). Reminders are also automatically printed out regularly depending on how the system has been commanded. These are practices that are based on evidence. For treatment monitoring, the ratio of urea reduction, kinetic modeling is what is used for monitoring dialysis. The ratio at which c0oncentration of serum is before hemodialysis has been performed and afterward is urea-reduction. Manual calculations are complicated and performed expectedly with correct results of the blood. The ratio of the graph is displayed on the computer automatically.

Computed terminals are used to make all the arrangements that shall give the appointment records of every patient. The appointment list shall display all the patients who are taking part in clinical studies and patients who might be in need of specific investigations. The system shall also be in a position to make forms for laboratory services requests while identifying labels and samples (CINAHL Information Systems, 2018). The arrival of patients is all recorded by the clerk, weights, blood pressures, heights, and urine tests are measured by the nurses then the results are fed into the terminal.

It has been proved that from the foundation varying clinical information systems can be obtained from a common base. It is advantageous that a very flexible software is now delivering these services. In future, systems are predicted to be prepacked in the clinical settings and contain software's that are generic Software's compatibility with systems shall make patients records to be electronically available just easily.


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