Episode Details "Stranger in Town". Free Essay Sample.

Published: 2019-05-15
Episode Details "Stranger in Town". Free Essay Sample.
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The episode of Andy Griffith's show "Stranger in Town" was the 12th episode in the first season of the show. The episode title Stranger in town is both an indicative and captivating title of the Andy Griffith show. From the title we can deduce that the presence of a new person to an otherwise close neat society with little changes occurring in it will be an element of the show. The Andy Griffith Show "Stranger in Town" has been shot in an old American setting consistent with state sheriffs as law enforcement. The society in the show is depicted as a close neat society where everyone knows the other. The mood of the shows is seen by the audience as a light comical one with little drama and more laughs.

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The show was directed by Don Weis and written with the leading help of the writer Arthur Stander since December 06 in the year 1960 when the show was established. The Andy Griffith show "Stranger in Town is particularly interesting as it is has a simple easy to understand story line that is told within 45 minutes. The setting of the show is also not common and hence raises interest in the audience.


The Andy Griffith show "Stranger in Town is set in a small American town where locals know or appear to be at least familiar with all other town members. The episode begins in the towns barber shop where the sheriff's deputy is receiving a hair cut from the barber who all the while talks about what he would do if he were president. The conversation in the barber shop progresses to involve another two locals seated at the customers' waiting seats in the barber shop. A short while later Andy (the town sheriff) enters the barber shop where he finds the four prior characters discussing his deputy's hair cut. A smartly dressed young looking man enters into the barber shop and displays a deep knowledge of sheriff, deputy and the town barber. The man who the sheriff his deputy and the barber all have never seen and do not know addresses them all by their names and converses with them about matters that show he clearly recognizes them. When the man leaves the barber shop, the deputy sheriff and the barber are surprised and start asking each other if anyone recognizes the stranger and to their surprise none of them knew him. The stranger Ed Sawyer continued to display uncanny knowledge of the town and the people living in the town. The town's people become paranoid about Ed sawyer accusing him of being everything from a foreign spy to an extraterrestrial being.

Andy the town sheriff seems to be convinced that despite Ed Sawyer's strange behavior he is just a little different. The rest of the town people were not happy with the presence of Ed Sawyer and rejected his advances to them. Some members of the town such as the deputy sheriff even suggested that Ed Sawyer be arrested for ringing Luck Mathews door bell. Lucy Mathew was a beautiful young lady that Ed Sawyer claimed to be in love with even though he had never met her before. In a conversation between the sheriff and Ed sawyer, the sheriff showed interest and asked Ed why he had such uncanny knowledge of the people and the town, Ed Sawyer explains how he had heard good things about the town while in high school and chose the place to be his home town. The sheriff though that Ed Sawyer's story was one that needed to be published in the daily papers and dismissed Ed. A crowd had gathered outside the sheriffs office waiting for Ed Sawyer and fights him for being strange. Luckily the sheriff heard them and intervened explaining how Sawyer had known them. Once the townspeople heard of how Mr. Sawyer had great details about them they all felt terrible for judging him so harshly. As the show ends the townspeople all welcome and become friendly to the "Stranger in Town" Ed Sawyer.


The show is generally a captivating experience that unfolds in a comical manner. The show implies a view of not coming to a conclusion on something without full knowledge about it. The Show has an old black and white setting which can become monotonous and a little boring if watched for a long period of time. This is however made up for by the warm funny characters in the show that are appealing to both the adult and children audience.

The production of The Andy Griffith show "Stranger in Town" is of high quality as the audio is clear and sharp making the actors audible and easily understood by the audience. The show also has it right in the video quality, for a show that was shot and produced in the early 1960s it stands out in video clarity. The overall rating of the show and specifically the episode titled "Stranger in Town" is high due to its comical nature that is appealing; the quality production is also a plus.

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