Environmental Issue - Paper Sample

Published: 2023-12-12
Environmental Issue - Paper Sample
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Poaching has a severe impact on untamed life. In some cases, this is the fundamental motivation why animals face the danger of elimination. This is the case with African elephants, of which more than 100,000 were killed for their tusks in 2014 and 2017. Poaching has also had a disastrous effect on rhinos, with more than a thousand rhinos being killed every year. Poaching of bizarre pet exchanges affects the welfare of animals, although their numbers are natural. Most wild animals eat specific weight control programs in nature. They need space to fly, wander, and swing from branches. Captured animals are packed in boxes, bags, or sacks, and whether they endure transportation or not, they are often suffered in new, unnatural environments.

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Earth's Prosperity

At that time, poaching had many terrible ways to influence individuals. In Africa, between 2009 and 2016, nearly 600 officers accused of ensuring natural life were shot and killed around poachers while fulfilling their obligations. The world has established a framework for communicating the wildlife of Africa. In addition to exacerbating our notorious species' misfortune, similar frameworks also sell drugs, illegal weapons, and even individuals. We are closing many illegal exchange frameworks that rely on helpless management and thrive in a global downturn through living transactions that tend to be unrestrained. This increases the bet on unrestricted living security for Africans. However, this does not make it harder for us to win the battle. Perhaps what makes them difficult is that several people know the connection between their tendency to use and the earth's prosperity.


Restrictions are variables to pay attention to the restricted value. Logarithmic clarity encompasses polynomials, fluctuations, and balance capabilities. To evaluate the critical point of mathematical ability, the principle system is to achieve the ultimate goal, that is, to obtain an unambiguous structure for clear expression. In most cases, it helps to understand the "fuzzy structure" of clarity, as it changes in each step of the evaluation cycle. Second, we obtain a definite structure and get joint arithmetic constraints by estimating the connecting x joints' constraints. The way to deal with change or express change depends on whether the independent variable approach (Tabatabaei, Raisee and Cervantes, 2019).

The purpose of the restriction determines how we conduct the assessment of capacity constraints. The processing of restriction points is unique, including attention to possible autonomy factors. Considering all factors, we must identify these restriction points from other aspects. Fundamentally, when variables tend to be of finite value rather than infinite, we will use the three following methods to determine the constraints of arithmetic clarity. These strategies are to simplify, adopt a standard restriction structure, or eliminate direct factors (for wise consideration). We should know that if a given ability is in a specific structure, there is no need to measure the joints and stop the restrictive estimation of x from obtaining the restriction. Some problems can be understood, and then the above two techniques can be used.


This is a policy issue. From the analysis, we can observe that the higher the advertisement and aggressive marketing of ivory products, the higher the demand. Allowing such advertisements will translate into high levels of poaching of elephants. We should therefore disallow the advertisement of animal trophies.


Tabatabaei, N., Raisee, M., & Cervantes, M. (2019). Uncertainty Quantification of Aerodynamic Icing Losses in Wind Turbine with Polynomial Chaos Expansion. Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 141(5).

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