Free Essay. Enterprise Resource Planning Program

Published: 2023-11-04
Free Essay. Enterprise Resource Planning Program
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Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated software application that standardizes, integrates, and streamlines the processes of businesses across procurement, distribution, finance, and various departments. The purchase of software for use in a company is a hard decision that requires evaluation by a team that represents all the departments where the new software is bound to make a noticeable impact.

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When selecting an ERP system for Smitheford Pharmaceuticals, several individuals should be involved in the management depending on the functions that the company serves and why automation of its needs is required (Perkins, 2020). Apart from the warehouse manager, the decision-making team for the ERP system to be adopted in the company should also involve the IT executive manager and officers who help with professional expertise on matters of the best features to be adopted in the ERP system. Other individuals from the company that should be in the decision-making team include production workers, the sales manager, the purchasing manager, and all other stakeholders in the business.

It is impossible to select ERP software for pharmaceuticals without the involvement and support of the upper management in the company. The team will consider different aspects in the selection of the ERP program that will work for all departments in Smitheford Pharmaceuticals. The ERP chosen must save more money for the company as it will help to unify all systems and departments that are currently fragmented in the pharmaceuticals (Columbus & Staff, 2013). All staff will, therefore, be able to easily access all necessary tools to use in their daily operations from a centralized system.

The users from the various departments in the pharmaceuticals will be required to train on one system only instead of several systems reducing costs on training. The centralized database chosen for the company also improves collaboration between departments; hence errors realized from working with data that is incorrect is eliminated (Miller, 2019). The ERP solution chosen for Smitheford Pharmaceuticals must provide a dashboard that is easy to customize, which makes it easier for the executive management to see all reports first thing when they login to the system. It also must improve the planning and reporting process by readily generating useful analytics and reports that analyze and compare departmental functions without having to hassle on many emails and spreadsheets.

The team will ensure that the system they choose has the option of end-to-end tracking and market automation that focus on late-phase customer services. Another consideration that the team will make in selecting an effective ERP system in Smitheford Pharmaceuticals is choosing one that runs in cloud using SaaS framework (Miller, 2019). The pharmaceuticals should, therefore, adopt cloud-based ERP software, especially the Oracle JD Edwards because it will be easier to use due to its complete off-site handling by ERP providers.


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