Employee Performance Driven by Work Environment Motivation & Rewards - Essay Example

Published: 2023-10-27
Employee Performance Driven by Work Environment Motivation & Rewards - Essay Example
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There is a direct link between employees' performance and the motivation they receive from their work environments. Whenever employees are motivated, their performance is improved, and therefore they can work towards achieving the highest levels of performance in the course of their endeavors. Rewards act as a motivation for employees since they feel recognized and appreciated by their employers. Therefore, they will have the motivation to work towards achieving the highest levels of performance in the course of their time in the organizations they are in. Through rewards, the employees in an organization will improve their performance since they will have something to look forward to if they achieve the required standards of production in the tasks assigned to them.

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How Staffing is Influenced by Training and Compensation

The process of recruitment and selection is influenced by training and compensation offered in the organization in question. Through training, an organization can influence their staffing process since they will tune their employees to fit the requirements of the tasks that they are to be put in charge of. Also, organizations can provide for the needs of their staffing process through training, since they may opt to train employees already in the organization instead of recruiting entirely new staff. Compensation is the second factor that affects staffing. People would be more willing to join an organization that helps them receive favorable compensation compared to if the compensation in the organization is not favorable. Therefore, the compensation awarded to people in organizations is directly linked to the organization's ability to recruit staff into their workforce.

Why Organizations Must View the Recruitment Process from the Applicants’ Perspectives

Organizations must address the recruitment process through the applicants' eyes for the jobs since this serves as an opportunity for the applicants to be motivated to work in the organizations. When organizations listen to the concerns and expectations of their employees, then it is possible for the employees to reciprocate the actions and work towards achievement of the organizational goals. When employees feel appreciated, they will become motivated to work towards achieving the goals set by the organizations that they are in. it is also through viewing the recruitment process through the applicants' eyes that the organization will retain the employees once they recruit the employees into their organizations. Satisfied employees are easier to maintain, and therefore organizations should strive to satisfy the needs of their employees.

Government Involvement in Employer-employee Relationships

The government should not be too concerned with the relationships between employers and employees. This is because the government should be a neutral party to the activities between employers and employees, and only ensure that the necessities of the relationships are covered. Therefore, the government should ensure that they do not tip the balance by getting too involved in the interests of either party and failing to meet the needs of the other. For example, if they get engaged with pursuing fair wages, they will leave the employers suffering from losses and the need to reduce the workforce to meet the government's needs in terms of the wage demands. Therefore, the government should minimize their interference in the affairs of the relationship between employers and employees.

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