Essay Example: Effects of Music on Plants Growth

Published: 2023-03-20
Essay Example: Effects of Music on Plants Growth
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Playing music to plants might be a weird thing to do, but according to scientists, research has proven that music or sound is effective for the growth of plants, and it helps in boosting their germination. Several types of research have been done severally state that not only sound is effective, but evolution has given plants ears that help them for adaptability and give them warning about the whereabouts of predators (Gupta, 2012). The main reason for the effects of music on the plants has not yet been fully understood, but there are speculations that the plants might have mechanoreceptors that are responsive to pressure. The sound waves are composed of squeezed air molecules. In the human body, the mechanoreceptors help in differentiating the sound waves in the ears in pressure form when each wave strikes the inner part of the ear (Gupta, 2012). The Plants, too, like humans, have the same receptors where they can respond to the waves of sounds like those that are produced by music. Plants also listen to vibrations that are produced by each other, which is the reason why the plants that are near each other tend to grow faster than other plants that germinate on single places. Communication between plants makes them grow faster, making sound effects in growing. That way, when they are subjected to the music, they grow faster (Gupta, 2012). The plant stomata are used to respond to music, and it is the part that helps the plants in breathing. Breathing is very important in the growth of a plant. The stomata close when the plant is subjected to high frequencies of sound, which leads to an increase in gas exchanges that helps in fast growth (Gupta, 2012).

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Literature Review

This paper is to explain the effects of music on the growth of plants. Much research has been done to test the effects of plants when they are subjected to different kinds of sounds. There have been many studies that tend to show that music help in the growth of plants. Most of the studies show that music helps the plants to grow faster and also healthier. Music is effective towards the plant germination (Gupta, 2012).

An Indian Botanist conducted numerous experiments on plants, music, and their growth in 1962. The experiments he did showed differences in plants that were subjected to music and those that didn't (Gupta ,2012). Those that were exposed to music showed a twenty percent height difference than others and also had a higher growth on the biomass too. The results were mostly similar to crops like rice, tobacco, and peanuts after playing music in the fields through a loudspeaker (Gupta, 2012). A greenhouse owner performed another research in Colorado to different types of plants with different genres of music. The plants that were playing rock music were bad in health and were quickly affected negatively, which led to their deterioration of health, and they ended up dying after a few weeks. Other plants that were exposed to classical music blossomed and looked healthy. They also grew faster than normal circumstances (Gupta, 2012).

Another research that was done in Illinois was doubtful if plants responded to music, more so positively to it. The researcher then involved a few well-managed greenhouse experiments. The results of the research were positive as they showed that corn plants and soy that had been exposed to music were very green and thicker, and they also produced the highest yields. Also, the research done by the Canadian university showed similar results that music had effects on the growth of plants after the wheat plants that they subjected to music almost doubled their yield. The wheat plants had been subjected to high-frequency vibration (Gupta, 2012).

The research done by the Canadian university showed that it was not more the music that had the effects on the growth of the plants but the vibrations that get created by the waves that the sound of the music creation. The vibrations that are created generate certain movements in the cells of the plants that, in return, stimulates the plant, making it produce more nutrients that make them nourish, grow faster and healthier. The research also showed that the reason that the plants didn't respond well to the rock music that they were subjected to is that they liked or preferred classical music more. The rock music was seen to have created very loud vibrations that were not conducive to the plant germination as they increased their pressure, which led to their death eventually (Gupta, 2012).

There was another point of view from the researchers of California University who decided not to jump into conclusions on the issue of music and plant growth. According to them, there has been no scientific research that has been conclusive, proving that playing music to the plants helps in their growth (Gupta, 2012). The researchers stated that there is a requirement of more scientific studies concerning the issue with strict control over other factors like water, light, and also the composition of the soil. The researchers also critically stated that the plants that were subjected to music were likely to do well because the researchers took great care of them. That was just critical thinking from the researchers, which I think would be taken into consideration, but I also differ with them at some point (Gupta, 2012). The plants might have received great care, which might have led to the blossoming of the plants, but what about the plants that were in the same care but were subjected to rock music. Research showed that plants that listened to rock music didn't do well, and others that looked to classical music were very healthy and strong, and they were given the same care and attention. Though I also agree that the experiments should also be ken on the type of soil composition, light, and water, which I think the researchers took into consideration when performing the research. According to the results of several types of research that have been conducted on plants and their effects on music, I highly think that music has an effect on the growth of plants. There were effects on several labs that showed effects on plants even though they were not under the same condition that the California university researchers were trying to recommend (Gupta, 2012).

Another case study was done by researchers where they subjected plants to sounds each day up to six hours, which showed that the plants in sound had germinated faster than those that were not exposed to any sound. The research also stated that the sounds were effective towards the germination of plants, but they were not as effective as musical sounds (Gupta, 2012).


This means that music sounds or music is most effective for the growth of the plants compared to other types of sound. The plants, according to the study, are unable to differentiate between different types of sound, but music helps in the growth of the plants.


Chowdhury, A. R., & Gupta, A. (2012). Effect of Music on Plants-An Overview. International Journal of Integrative Sciences, Innovation, and Technology, 30-34.

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