Essay Sample on Educator Preparation Program

Published: 2023-09-27
Essay Sample on Educator Preparation Program
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The cultural inclusiveness established in a learning environment strongly depends on the nature of interactions between educators and students. These interactions are a result of awareness and assumptions of multicultural issues, course content, and educator’s knowledge of their students’ backgrounds, decisions, behaviors, and comments during the teaching session. Having adequate knowledge as an educator concerning the students is the foundation of having a successful teaching practice. Even though students engage in the cultural transformation that impacts on their overall academic performance, educators often fail to address and anticipate cultural needs as they do social, behavioral, or intellectual needs. As an educator, I should ensure that I use my content knowledge, technological skills, and cultural awareness by being ready to challenge group assumptions, developing a learning environment that encourages questions and critiques, and accepting students’ reactions to course materials.

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As an educator, I will be ready to challenge assumptions that students’ groups with be hindered or aided by certain types of individuals in their group. For instance, male students in a science or math class may feel like helping female students along, and white students with a “rap music” project may consider having an African American in their group. I will spend some time telling the students that each of them provides a unique combination of weaknesses and strengths in the group work. The early stages of group formations should be based on the specific resources that the students can bring. I will inform students concerning my availability to discuss issues that the groups may find it hard to address. Since the students come from different backgrounds, finding the right way for them to work together is one of my tasks that I will highly focus on.

I will create a learning environment that encourages students to ask questions and critique course content. A good learning climate will develop a norm of critical thinking among students that will facilitate effective learning. Allowing students to share their critiques will expose different concerns, perspectives, and interpretations of course materials to others. The learning climate can also offer a chance for students to correct misinterpretations and inaccuracies related to the history or experience of their group. I believe that every student has prior beliefs, ideas, or thoughts concerning the topics, and allowing them to share their views freely will improve the learning experience. I will encourage students to expand their knowledge of the class content through effective of the internet.

I will remain open to the reactions of the students to the course content, even if I do not feel comfortable with the way they express them. Students can challenge inaccurate information concerning particular topics that are presented in the course content. It is common for students to react when they hear what they think is incorrect or opposite to their group’s knowledge. Considering the views from the minority students will encourage them to offer honest responses concerning issues affecting them while at the same time encouraging students to think widely concerning those issues.

In conclusion, any educator aims to create a good learning environment for the students. Since schools comprise of students from different cultural, social, and political backgrounds, educators find it hard to create a learning environment that will enhance learning while maintaining their ethical standards. However, achieving creating a good environment requires educators to open to students’ reactions, encourage students to ask questions, and ethically challenge students’ assumptions.

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