Nursing Essay Sample: APRN Scope of Practice

Published: 2019-11-18
Nursing Essay Sample: APRN Scope of Practice
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The Tennessee State should consider the reforms of the Scope of Practice for the nurses due to a variety of reasons. Considering the benefits accrued from the Scope of Practice it would be wise to consider abolishing the APRN restrictions within the state. For instance, according to the report presented by the institute of Medicine (IOM), the future if nursing should be empowered and invested in through ensuring that the nurses are in a position to practice all that they were educated and trained in their studies (The Institute of Medicine, 2010). In this case if the APRN scope of practice is enacted in the State of Tennessee, the nurses will be able to deliver their responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

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The APRN Scope of Practice will enable both the nurse and the other medical practitioners in the organizations interact effectively within the hospital. That will be as a result of the fact that the nurses will be allowed to do more in coordination with the doctors such that the nurses are well positioned to apply what they know. Consequently, the nurses will be motivated to accomplishing their roles in a confident and effective way. The result of this coordination will be increased medical health care in the health sector (The Future of Nursing, 2010).

The Scope of Practice will enable the enables the nurses to not only practice all what they have already learnt but to further what they know. The APRN Scope of Practice will encourage the nurses to learn continually since they are able to practice what they learn in school. The advantage of them learning more is that the health care sector will be enriched in terms of care giving capability. In other words, as more of the nurses increase their levels of education, they are privileged to even have more responsibilities within the health care organizations. There are better chances of the health sector improving if the responsibilities within the organization are distributed more.

As can be deduced from all these advantages, the APRN Scope of Practice strategy will create an effective workforce within the health care sector. The increased distribution of responsibilities within the organization enables the creation of a favorable atmosphere for the planning and making of policies for the individual health care organization. This is because there is an enhanced partnership (cooperation) between the physicians, other health care practitioners and the nurses (The Future of Nursing, 2010). They all function as a unit in all the health care offering services and other responsibilities in the organizations. The nurses are in this situations eligible for any leadership positions and other roles other than what they have learnt in the medical school.

Conclusively, the State of Tennessee should consider redesigning their nursing sector and adopting the APRN Scope of Practice so as to enhance their functionality in the health sector. The adoption of the Scope of Practice has a wide range of benefits as has been presented in this paper. It should be a priority for the state to establish this practice which means that the state should invest in enabling the nurses to further their education by adding in the necessary technology and resources required to teach and train the nurses, not only in the medical sector but also in other essential sectors such as management and leadership.


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