Free Essay. Education Plan for Covid-19

Published: 2023-05-18
Free Essay. Education Plan for Covid-19
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Coronavirus is a pathogen that mainly targets an individual's respiratory tract. There are various related outbreaks of coronavirus families, which initially led to the loss of human life hence a life-threatening disease. Just like other coronavirus outbreaks such as the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), COV COVID-19 causes respiratory problems hence threatening the life of the individual. COVID-19 infections take up to five days for the incubation period. The usual range of the virus after showing the sign to causing a possible death has been observed to be 41 days (Bai et al., 2020). However, the average period is 14 days. The infection affects people of any age. However, the mortality rate in people aged over 70 years is very high compared to people less than 24 years.

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Some of the common symptoms related to COVID-19 disease include fatigue, cough, and high fever, which are apparent as the primary symptoms. In other cases, severe symptoms such as hemoptysis, dyspnea, lymphopenia, and diarrhea are observed (Lipsitch, Swerdlow & Finelli, 2020). Pathophysiology-related issues include RNaemia, and observable grand-glass opacities in the subpleural region in every lung (Bai et al., 2020). Acute cardiac injury, acute respiratory syndrome. The localized and systemic immune response is induced, leading to secondary cases such as increased inflammation. They are adopting usual treatment methods such as interferon inhalers results in increased opacity in the pulmonary region.

Following the fact that covid 19 has widely spread across many countries, a need to curb its spread is the only option that is left. Covid 19 has been declared as a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization, and it has granted open and free guidelines to prevent the spread (Lipsitch, Swerdlow & Finelli, 2020). It is vital to note that the virus can affect anyone despite being dominant in older people. It is, therefore, a requirement for everybody to break the chain of transmission. It is not airborne, and it is mostly spread from one person to the other by coming in contact with infected surfaces. To break the chain of transmission, people should stay isolated and avoid public places. People should always keep their hands sanitized; everyone is vulnerable to the virus and has the opportunity to break the chain (World Health Organization, 2020).

As observed, Protection is essential to everyone regardless of the environment there are at. As a registered nurse, there are several features that I would like to be implemented in all workplaces. The healthcare systems are the most critical field in the fight against covid-19. Every nurse should be at the forefront in the battle of the virus by the use of every resource, even sharing information and creating awareness (Xu et al., 2020). Registered nurses would help to separate the patients according to their levels of infection.

Registered nurses should know how to work with essential devices such as ventilators as they help to support a patient in events of difficulty breathing (Xu et al., 2020). I want the government to focus and put much emphasis and resources on health systems during these uncertain times as every registered nurse would be motivated to work in a favorable environment. As a registered nurse, I would give any required assistance to the patients and those who have been affected by the virus. I would also assist fumigate places that have high possibility of being infected. A registered nurse in the community will also have a great purpose. They would address factors such as handling those who are stigmatized if they were exposed to Covid 19. The community would also require information on how to prevent themselves from the virus.

Due to the dangers associated with COVID-19 infections, taking necessary precautions can help prevent the spreading of the virus and contain the cases. Taking into account the main transmission modes, prevention of a possible infection involves essential safety measures. Within the workplace, separating the patients with underlying diseases that weaken body immunity, such as blood pressure and those with chronic infections, can help contain the spread.


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