Free Essay Sample: Education for Health Delivery Systems

Published: 2022-09-21
Free Essay Sample: Education for Health Delivery Systems
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Simmons et al. (2007) define the healthcare system as the organization of resources, institutions, and people that deliver healthcare services to address the needs of the targeted population. Healthcare professionals need to be correctly trained and schooled since in this field there is no room for guesswork. The types of training and education that are available for the healthcare delivery system include theoretical studies, practical studies, internship opportunities, and regular training opportunities at their workplace.

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One of the prerequisites of the healthcare professionals is to attend medical school; this is upon attaining the right grades in the sciences and arithmetic. They are carefully taken through various topics that are related to health to make them understand since this is one area that has no room for guesswork. The theoretical studies are often blended with practical studies. The students have regular practical lessons in the laboratory where they carry out several tests in the lab to support or confirm some of the concepts that they have learned (In Nelson, 2014).

The medical professionals have to go for an internship before graduating, which gives them the hands-on job experience on what they will be expected to do after graduation. They typically work as assistants in the medical facilities whereby they help doctors in various medical operations. They assist in setting the medical equipment and in some simple medical procedures like weight taking, temperature recording and the drawing of blood.

The healthcare system is dynamic, and that is why the medical professionals are typically trained on a regular basis. Training programs are developed to enhance the understanding of these professionals in tackling the emerging challenges (Grossmann et al., 2011). The information being based is usually specific to the healthcare system that is being addressed.

The different types of training and education that have been used to train healthcare professionals in the past have been mostly successful, which is evident from the strides that have been made in the past concerning the cure and management of certain medical conditions. For the theoretical studies, for instance, it has helped learners to understand better how the various body organs work. By understanding how the various organs work, they have been able to offer the right medical advice correctly and thus treating the multiple ailments that are prevalent to the patients.

The practical sessions have also been effective as they have been used to help the learners grasp what they are taught in school (Grossmann et al., 2011). It is said that hearing and doing enhances the chances of a learner in understanding the concept that is being taught. This practice is the reason why the learners are often subjected to practical lessons while in medical school. Incorporating technology in the practical session is one of the developments that are currently taking place in medical schools.

The internships have also been useful in the past. Young and budding medical professionals usually get the opportunity to interact with the work environment that they will probably be working under in the next few years. It helps them in developing the work ethic that is required and prepares them for this kind of job environment upon graduation.

The training sessions that the healthcare professionals have had have been productive as far as the transfer of medical knowledge is concerned. We live in an era whereby the world is fast changing. Technology is virtually being used in all areas of our lives. Since the technology is being used in the medical field, it is essential to train the medical professionals in this area or aspect, which helps them to be more effective and functional in their delivery of medical services.

With the continued use of technology in the medical field, the healthcare professionals believe that the training and education in this field are going to better. With this, they think they are going to find solutions to various medical problems that have been difficult to crack in the past (Grossmann et al., 2011). The use of artificial intelligence in the medical field, for instance, has caused excitement as it is believed it is going to lead to more accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The government and the private sector are responsible for education in the delivery system. It is evident that the government cannot accomplish this alone and that is why the input of the private sector is equally critical. It should, however, be noted that it is the role of the government to offer primary healthcare to its citizens.

The government needs to create a framework that will encourage the private sector to step in and compliment them in healthcare service delivery (Simmons et al., 2007). It should also create a friendly environment that will promote research as this is one of the ways of combating some health conditions. The government and private sector need to partner because a progressive society needs healthy citizens.


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