Eating Meat Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-03
Eating Meat Essay Sample
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Meat has recently groped to be a controversial subject, and it has been a topic of many discussions in health and fitness groups. The impact of livestock farming on the environment is increasingly high, and this issue has been under scrutiny from all angles. The environment is under a high risk of nitrogen intake, this leads to high pollution levels of the air, soil and water around us. The conditions lead to possible climate change and an eventual biodiversity. For instance, 80% of nitrogen harvested from agricultural activities goes ahead in livestock feeding and only 20% goes to feed people directly. This leads to environmental pollution from the regional to the international levels ("How humans are not physically created to eat meat", 2016). The fact is we should take action to prevent this, but the action of instructing people to avoid meat consumption on its on is like committing treason. So should we stop eating meat or just turn a blind eye and keep on enjoying the marinated honey glazed barbecues?

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Arguments have cropped up from various corners of science and health departments citing that humans were not inherently meant to eat meat. The anatomical structure of the human body shows the natural predisposition to eating of vegetative matter like fruits and vegetables. An analysis of these facts can tell one that we are not naturally supposed to eat meat.

Human have no claws this means that we were never meant to hunt for food. We are naturally designed to extract, cultivate and just pluck fruits from their tree hence the five appendages on our hands that can grasp an object as opposed to tearing it. The design of the human body is not meant for hunting purposes; we are biologically different from carnivores whose body makeup allows for the hunting of their food ("Should people eat meat? 2016).

Humans have no sharp front teeth, which are specialized for tearing meat off, but we have flat rear molars which are designed for grinding. The dental structure of carnivores are way too different with the one for omnivores where human beings belong. A closer analysis of the dental structure of the human species, is that we have sharp canines and incisors, they are able to tear flesh, this can be used to argue that we are meant to eat meat, yes no one can disagree to that, but it is not a natural predisposition if one compares it to the dental structure of animals.

Another look up into the anatomical makeup of human can be focused in, the human intestinal tract is close to that of herbivores, the intestinal tract is 10-12 times the average length of the body, this alone can indicate the need for slow digestion of food and ingestion of nutrients overtime. On the other hand, carnivore have an intestinal tract that is just three times the length of their body hence necessitating the egestion of food immediately or after a shorter time span. Another fact is that human beings stomachs have acids that are 20 times weaker than the acids found in meat eaters. This means that the digestion of meat takes a longer time in human beings as opposed to animals. This is an indicator that we do need meat, but it is not humans natural diet (Kris Gunnars, 2013).

The facts are quite expansive; it is inarguable to say that we are not supposed to eat meat. The fact is meat intake is attributed to many ill health conditions due to high cholesterol level namely; blood pressure, heart disease and even obesity. Meat intake is not natural for human beings; society should just shift to vegan diets, or many be find a compromise between the two, a meeting point where consumption of meat and other vegetative diets are a balance.


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