Free Essay. Dogs in Shelters That No One Sees

Published: 2023-04-05
Free Essay. Dogs in Shelters That No One Sees
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A dog is a man's best friend. So it has been said by dog lovers. Dogs are considered easy-going and loyal. Dog shelters provide an easy way of the animals finding loving and kind homes. However, not all of them are preferred. Some dogs are abandoned in shelters because they are feared to be too aggressive to control. Others worry that some breeds are prone to health conditions that may emotionally-straining and financially burdening. The paper argues that American bulldog, pitbull tarrie, and Staffordshire terrier are dogs that no one sees when going to shelters to adopt.

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The American bulldog is not seen during the adoption of animals because its physical presence frightens to potential dog owners are searching. There is a general perception that the American bulldog is aggressive. However, no one sees that it has the desirable temperament, drivers, obedience, and barking. The American bulldog is loyal and dependable. Such dogs engage in dangerous actions to protect their owners. Also, such dogs are driven by the need to defend, prey, food, and fight. However, the American bulldog requires a lot of training to be obedient and control their own barking. Meaning, people do not see the American dog because it involves a lot of work. Also, there are general fears that such dogs may choose to revert to their behavior before training.

No one sees the pit bull terrier dog because most insurance companies do not cover them, and they are banned in some states. Pitbull tarrie makes up a significant portion of the total dogs in shelters (Moore). While there are speculations that the breeding of pit bull tarrier frequently occur hence leading to overpopulation, it is clear that the Breed Specific legislation is contributing to the overpopulation of Pitbull tarries in shelters. For example, CO.Miami and Denver ban its citizens from owning pit bull terrier. Furthermore, some insurance companies do not cover the type of dogs under the claims that they are prone to biting despite various studies showing that they are among the most tolerant dogs scoring 86.6% in low aggression (Moore). Meaning, no one sees pit bull terrier because of misguiding information regarding their temperament.

Also, no one sees Staffordshire terrier dogs because they are associated with a range of health problems. Potential clients willing to adopt Staffordshire terrier dogs are often warned of the hereditary and health issues that they may experience while living with the dog even if the dogs are known to be friendly, protective, and loyal. For example, such dogs are prone to atopic dermatitis and hotspots. Atopic dermatitis, a chronic skin problem that affects the dog at different stages of life, makes their skin itchy and inflamed (Pets4Homes). As such, Staffordshire terriers like to scratch and lick themselves in attempts to achieve comfort despite the skin problems. Hot spots lead to sores and redness within a particular skin area. It leads to the loss of fur within the area. In severe cases, it leads to other secondary health conditions for the dog. The health problems connected to the Staffordshire turn off potential people who visit shelters for the purpose of adopting.

In conclusion, there are dogs in shelters that no one sees because they are believed to be aggressive, wild, prone to sickness, banned from some states, or uninsured by some insurance companies. The paper has shown that the American bulldog, pitbull tarrier, and Staffordshire terrier in shelters are not seen. However, the problem is caused by misguiding information regarding their safety and maintenance. The dogs are equally loving, loyal, ad protective. Therefore, people should be open to adopting them as well.

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